Industrial Inventory Management Software

Efficiently managing inventory in a manufacturing facility can be challenging, especially with multiple programs, legacy systems or manual methods. ProShop solves that with a web-accessible and paperless inventory management system — and so much more.

We're uniquely qualified to develop and deliver manufacturing inventory software, thanks to our experience running a computer numerical control (CNC) machine shop. We know how to keep track of inventory for manufacturers because we've been there — and we've built a unique solution that meets your industrial demands from a single platform.

ProShop Transforms Inventory Software for Manufacturing

We've redefined the entire process with ProShop's integrated manufacturing Inventory modules.

The Inventory module is where you'll find a full accounting of your inventories. Each record includes the original cost, source, current value and location for better supply chain control and visibility.

Within the Parts module, you'll see every part you've created for a customer. It's easy to review your current projects and work orders that correspond to any part in question. This module helps establish a complete customer-project-part ecosystem and automatically archives jobs for future access.

Thanks to robust integration, managing inventory throughout a project's life span is straightforward. The Work Orders module gives you real-time status on your job, including the components. You'll know in a few clicks how many you've completed, where the inventory is and its value. This module works with Purchasing, Parts and COTS to provide a map of any stock on a movement-by-movement level.

Components off the shelf (COTS) include non-custom inventories, like fluids, hardware, fasteners and more. You can add these to your Parts and Work Orders modules with key information such as approved vendors and lead times. The data flows seamlessly into the Purchasing model, where you create minimum on-hand quantities. You'll better manage your inventory of essentials with automated features that track usage and alert you to low stock.

Together, these modules also support the traceability needed for documentation packages. With streamlined information flow when it's time to ship, you'll save hours of manual package preparation.

Trust ProShop for Complete Parts and Raw Material Inventory Management Software

Let us show you how easy inventory management, traceability and documentation can be with a free ProShop demo. Once you see our platform in action, you'll understand why our customers choose us and consistently rate our software as the best solution for enterprise resource planning in a manufacturing business. Book your no-risk demo today or reach out to us for more information.

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