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ProShop is a comprehensive ERP/MES and QMS software suite built for aerospace manufacturing

Gone are the days you could manage your shop’s day-to-day operations with ineffective, time-consuming software that doesn’t address a machine shop’s needs. Retire the frustration of tracking and communicating with Excel sheets, Word documents, and sticky notes through one user-friendly interface — ProShop.

ProShop is the aerospace industry’s only shop management software specifically dedicated to, and built for an aerospace contract manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest. We are fanatical about managing every detail of your shop in a paperless and web-based environment, including the enterprise resource management (ERP) functions necessary to run your office, the quality management system (QMS) functions to manage your AS9100 system, and the manufacturing execution system (MES) functions to ensure your shop floor is running at peak efficiency.

From managing visual work instructions, document control, job-routings, cutting tools, AS9102 first-article inspection (FAI) and In-process inspection, non-conformance report (NCR) generation, calibration, machine utilization, job-costing, and much more, it’s all in ProShop and completely interconnected to every corner of your business.

What Can You Do with ProShop ERP Software for the Aerospace Industry?

Our comprehensive ERP for aerospace parts manufacturing integrates with Quickbooks to help you consolidate processes for greater efficiency, from creating the first quote to fulfilling the final shipment. ProShop’s complete suite of management modules enables your team members to see each job from a bird’s-eye view, helping you track orders, materials, production, invoicing, and shipment, all from one central location. Our aerospace ERP system's capabilities include:
  • Generating quote templates for faster quote turnarounds.
  • Creating inspection reports.
  • Preparing document packages quickly.
  • Managing systems and inventories.
  • Serializing and tracking components.
  • Scheduling jobs live for dynamic, productive workflows.
  • Receiving dashboard alerts for instant communication among team members.
  • Viewing real-time job data from team members as they complete tasks.
  • Creating non-conformance reports for hassle-free auditing.

The Ongoing Value of Adopting an ERP System for the Aerospace Industry

Our industry veterans have designed ProShop ERP to help aerospace machine shops replace an average of three to five systems to maximize output and dramatically improve your return on investment (ROI). Learn more about the advantages of adopting an all-in-one solution encompassing ERP for aerospace parts manufacturing companies:
  • Improved efficiency: Universal business management practices and infrastructure streamlines communication among team members, resulting in better efficiency and greater productivity.
  • Accurate insights: Real-time information and communication enable team members to generate accurate reports and make better-informed decisions.
  • Reduced liability: Accurate data, non-conformance reports and quality management modules assist you with hassle-free employee compliance, ensuring easier, hassle-free auditing and reduced liability.
  • Enhanced scalability: An efficient, trackable operations organization method helps you identify potential pitfalls during production processes to adjust and improve operations as your business scales. 
  • Faster turnarounds: Improved communication among team members and accurate data insights help improve overall productivity, facilitating faster turnarounds for projects, resulting in the capability to take on more projects.


Complete QMS System

Machine Utilization

Real-time Scheduling

Visual Work Instructions

Order Management

AS9102 FAI Reporting

In-Process Inspection

Cert Management

Integrated Training

Live Job Costing

Cutting Tool Management

Connects Every Level of Your Shop


Olson Custom Designs is a CNC manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana and they service the aerospace and defense industry. They have grown from five to 30 people in just 18 months, and the thing they love most about ProShop is when they have an audit because ProShop makes it so much easier.

Sealth Aero Marine is a leading manufacturer of aerospace latches and other hardware. Hear Rich Olsen, Production Manager, talk about how SAM realized over 300% ROI in the first year of implementing ProShop. SAM was also profiled in the March 2017 issue of Modern Machine Shop.

Trulife Engineered Solutions is the contract manufacturing division of Trulife Inc., a global manufacturer based in Ireland. Hear Brian talk about the unique abilities of ProShop.

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