ProShop has powerful Job Costing functionality built-in.

It’s absolutely essential for you to have accurate job costing so you can easily see what jobs and clients are profitable, and which ones are not. By focusing on eliminating unprofitable jobs, and growing the profitable ones, dramatic improvements in overall company profitability in your shop are possible.

The problem with job costing in most ERP systems is that they are cumbersome to keep accurate and even to look up job costing. The result: you don’t use them, and therefore have no idea beyond a gut feel of which jobs are profitable and which are losers and need to be improved. This lack of clarity is a major factor in inconsistent profitability.

We fully automate job costing and show you the real numbers – automatically:

ProShop has powerful Job Costing functionality built-in. As soon as any dollars are spent on a Work Order, or any time tracking is recorded, ProShop will start to tell you how much cost has been incurred on that Work Order and how much progress you’ve made against the production targets. As the job progresses, more costing detail is automatically added, from the specific people and equipment being used, enabling you to get a picture of how the job is going from a time and dollars budget perspective. This gives time to do something about it, if it’s not going how you’d like.

When a Work Order ships, finalized costing data is instantly available and automatically propagates several of the dashboards, and sends proactive alerts, so users can see the data – the good and the bad. It’s pushed out so you don’t have to search for it and you can’t hide from it. Links are also available to see the entire costing history of any part number and all Work Orders performed on that part number, including detailed information of all dollars and time spent. This gives users the ability to see if a part’s profit history is going in the right direction – the information to make the right decisions for your company.
  • Automatically collects all the costs and reports them proactively
  • Highly configurable to be as accurate as possible
  • You’ll always know which jobs are winners and losers
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