ProShop & paperlessPARTS

Partnership + Integration

This integration with Paperless Parts supercharges the capabilities of ProShop and empowers manufacturers with newfound efficiency and speed in the estimating and quoting process.

ProShop and Paperless Parts Partnership & Integration

The integration solutions between Paperless Parts and ProShop ERP, provide clients with a robust ERP system, as well as thorough Estimating & Quoting solutions. Paperless Parts is focused on front office efficiencies. ProShop is focused on back-end efficiencies and connecting the front office to the shop floor.

The solutions we offer are aimed at providing an end-to-end process that meets our customer's everyday business needs & keeps them competitive in ever evolving industries.

An Overview of the Integration Workflow

Initial Integration Setting Configuration
      ○ A user simply logs into ProShop, navigates to our System Configuration Integration page and enables the integration toggle. The remaining integration set up steps are simply connecting               ProShop to Paperless Parts and creating a primary location on your drive where your CSV files can be stored.

Contacts Integration
      ○ Create an account in Paperless Parts and import that record into ProShop's Contact module.

Order/Customer PO Integration
      ○ The Paperless Order to ProShop Customer PO integration supports a workflow in which the user creates an Order in Paperless Parts and can choose to import that Prder record into the                 Customer PO module in ProShop
              ‣ Available fields to map from Paperless Parts to Proshop's Customer Header attributes are: Client PO #, Order Date, Quote ID, Payment Terms, Notes, Ship to Address, FOB
              ‣ Available fields to map from Paperless Parts to ProShop's Line Item attributes are: Line Item Number, Client Part Number, Part Rev, QTY, Price Per, Due Date, NRE Type and Line Item                          Notes


More about Paperless Parts

Improve Efficiency


Jason Ray

Co-founder and CEO at Paperless Parts

“ProShop is a company that truly cares about helping small to mid-sized job shops put processes in place to be successful on the shop floor. It is an honor to partner with a company that, like Paperless Parts, is focused on helping job shops win. We are excited to supplement their front office solutions to provide a winning combination for manufacturers.”

Paul Van Metre

Co-Founder at ProShop

“We at ProShop have been watching Paperless Parts over the past few years, and have heard from shared clients, how aligned our companies are in our vision of supporting the precision metalworking industry. We believe they’re a great partner to help shops do more with less. Their 3D model-based estimating provides a very complementary workflow into our paperless ERP/MES/QMS modules and allows shared customers to seamlessly automate the flow of digital data from estimating all the way to job costing.”

Justin Quinn

President of Focused on Machining

“ProShop and Paperless Parts are what software companies should be. They both care about product development, constant improvement, customer experience, and exemplary support. The integration of both tools allows my company to excel in the digital age. With this integration, gone are the days of paper travelers, long lead times for quotes, and internal tribal knowledge of how to successfully make parts. These two companies partnering together is a dream for shops like mine that use both tools, and scary for shops that don’t work with these companies.” 


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