Pros: The TOTAL integration of the company. We were having to use our old ERP plus excel reports, plus gage management software, our own created pdf forms, calibration software. ProShop has combined all of this into one! There is 1 place for employees to go to for EVERYTHING! I have actually locked down our network server more because employees only need to access ProShop now for Quality Manuals, Procedures, Work instructions, drawings, inspection reports, Employee Manuals, training, etc. It’s all in there and it’s all digital. We have gone 100% paperless!

Cons: There really is nothing to dislike. There are features I would love to see but that’s only going to make the software better! It took us a year to evaluate the software until we finally made the decision to switch. I’m just upset we didn’t switch sooner.

Switched From: E2 Shop System

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: I was totally blown away the first time I seen the software. I knew we needed a change. We were stuck in our ways of using an ERP for the last 12 years and we thought we had it figured out. ProShop brought everything together for us. The visibility of the company is there. Not just the manufacturing of the shop.

Comments (Benefits): Our On-time delivery has increased 30-40% believe it or not. Employees are actually INVOLVED with the QMS because it’s all there. We actually have machinists filling out NCR’s when the problem happens. And filling out detailed reports with pictures. We find out about the problem instantaneously. There are constant areas in the shop where we can’t believe how we were operating before. The integration between all the modules from Estimating, to Orders, to Preventative Maintenance, to the Quality module is so deep it’s mind blowing!

ProShop has been a total gamechanger for us!

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