Pros: ProShop organizes every aspect of our company. Traceability and overall accuracy are of most importance. With multiple levels of quality control (including check lists and document verification), ProShop provides security and confidence in our work. The fluidity of each module and their relationship to each other is intuitive.

Cons: In the beginning, ProShop was a dramatic change from our previously disorganized system. We have learned to approach things differently, in a more efficient way with ProShop. Any complaints I may have are easily resolved with research and practice. We have only explored 60% of Proshop’s capabilities. We are looking forward to the future.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: ProShop is much easier to use. links work more consistently in ProShop. ProShop is internet based. We don’t have to have a separate server on site which would require regular maintenance.

Comments (Benefits): We have resolved any traceability issues by utilizing the uploading feature for all part level drawings, models, and PLs.
The more I use ProShop, the more I realize how flexible the system is. There are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome. You can form the software to fit your business needs.

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