Pros: ProShop gives substantial visibility and management of open orders, scheduling, time management, machining capacity and full visibility and control over profit margins. The software has many other features that set a company up for success such as training, quality control, time management, inventory management, ability to eliminate tribal knowledge and so many more. The organization of the software is simple and easy to use. I also love that the company is still small enough that you know everyone. You get to know and work with the same guys that you started with post implementation.

Cons: For the most part ProShop is very easy to learn and is user friendly, however, there are some of the advanced features that require some specific training and knowledge to fully understand. You learn all that in time. With that said, ProShop has a training and support ticket system that is exceptional and they are always there to help.

Reasons for Choosing ProShop: ProShop has everything a company could need to be successful and the support team is incredible. The software modules fit our industry needs precisely.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: After looking at several ERP and scheduling software packages, we narrowed it down to two options. ProShop seemed to have everything and more to allow us to meet our goals and included on-site training and implementation. ProShop hands down was the better option.

Comments (Benefits): ProShop has empowered management and employees to take control of our open order backlog and have visibility on capacity and to aid in the identification and resolution of bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. In the last two months our past due orders has decreased by 31%! We are well on our way to having on-time delivery in the 90th percentile in the near future.

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