ProShop ERP + Datanomix

Datanomix customers already enjoy data-derived standards based on actual machine performance, and they leverage the Datanomix benchmarks for what good performance looks like. Now, you can compare actual machine performance to what you have planned inside of ProShop ERP!

Automated Job Costing™ analytics compare ProShop target takt times (or button-to-button cycle time) for part production to Datanomix part performance actuals and benchmarks at the machine—offering complete clarity on gross margin performance on a per part basis relative to machining operations while also highlighting where the greatest opportunities for margin improvement exist.

“We love the real-time operations data with no operator input and the integration between the two companies. I can see right in Datanomix if I’m running profitable jobs, and I have the feedback in ProShop when I go to quote the same job again or if I’m working on a similar part. This puts me in the driver’s seat in controlling my job performance and profitability.”


Our integration automatically matches part numbers in Datanomix to those from your ProShop ERP system and extracts your target takt time for that specific part number and operation. Your ProShop target times are compared to actual machine performance in the Datanomix Automated Production Intelligence™ Platform. Variance to standard is represented in terms of button-to-button time, cutting time, and touch time, and summarized simply with the Datanomix letter grade score of A+ to C-, making it obvious which jobs are most underperforming as compared to your critical ProShop standards.


The Holy Grail of Job Costing
ProShop targets are also integrated into the Datanomix Quote Calibration Report to quickly help you identify long-term opportunities for margin improvement based on variance to cycle time standards.

This report shows your ProShop target takt time, the Datanomix benchmark takt time, and your typical button-to-button cycle time. Smart filtered views are then automatically created for you to show where you are winning compared to standard, where you are losing compared to standard, and where you can find the greatest opportunities for margin improvement based on all the data collected and analyzed by Datanomix and of course,  through our two-way integration, Datanomix benchmarks and actuals are fed back into your ProShop ERP system so you can make more informed and accurate estimates based on real data.

A Continuous Improvement Leader's Dream
When you have your ProShop targets feeding into Datanomix, you can use our pre-loaded Filters to clearly see:

• Winners – part numbers that beat your ProShop targets and are making more profit than anticipated
• Losers – part numbers that did not beat your ProShop targets and are not making a profit
• Winners with Upside – part numbers that are beating your targets but could be making you even more money!
• Losers that Could be Winners – part numbers that are losing on average compared to targets, but could be winning because Datanomix has seen you      run the job well enough to turn it into a winner!
"Connect us up to your machines, let our software do its magic, and it will come up with performance standards and actuals on its own. Hook us into your ProShop ERP instance, and youll get automated analysis on exactly which part numbers you need to be focused on from a job costing and margin improvement standpoint."
— Greg McHale, Co-Founder & CTO, Datanomix
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