The World’s 1st All-In-One Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME) 

For 360° Visibility & Shop Performance Optimization

If you’re sick and tired of scattered data, last-minute firefighting, late jobs, poor profit margins, and working overtime because of your cumbersome QMS, you’re in the right place. ProShop can help solve these problems and more with our all-in-one ITAR and CMMC compliant shop management system.

Why We Built ProShop

When we ran our shop, we had all the same problems you face today. Nothing on the market was truly designed for machine/job shops. Nothing we found had it’s DNA deeply embedded in the manufacturing workflow. They were all office-centric leaving the most important part of our company to fend for itself with paper, spreadsheets and manual processes. We were unwilling to accept that fate for our shop, so we built ProShop to run our own business.

ProShop is a completely unique solution to shop management software, see it for yourself by scheduling a demo below!

Incredible Manufacturers Trust & Recommend ProShop

ProShop is the world’s first truly Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME). We’re inventing a new software category which has never existed before, combining the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CRM, CMMS, and much more into a single, intuitive, and easy to use browser-based platform that transforms manufacturing companies into highly efficient, scalable and profitable operations. And being ITAR and CMMC compliant makes your cybersecurity a top priority.

ProShop’s All-In-One Manufacturing Software Replaces 3-5 Systems On Average

ProShop replaces 3-5 systems on average (plus dozens of spreadsheets) by combining all of the features from ERP, QMS, MES, CMMS, and more into one, easy to use system.

Why Choose An All-In-One System vs Multiple 3rd Party Systems?

Attempting to integrate multiple small software systems results in lost/inconsistent data and a lack of control over the optimization and performance of the shop. ProShop solves these problems with an all-in-one Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME) that provides you with a 360° view of your shop.


The majority of other ERP systems fall short of expectations, forcing shops to resort to multiple tools, many of which don’t fully communicate. You end up with a large technology stack, with numerous data silos, and a fragmented picture of your shop’s performance.

ProShop’s DME Solves The Problems That Traditional ERP Software Fails To Address

ProShop’s DME (Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem) was built by actual machine shop owners to solve the problems other ERP systems fail to address. ProShop is 100% paperless, ITAR and CMMC compliant, and combines the features found in multiple systems for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers, and others in regulated industries who need tight controls on their process and want exacting and timely information to make the best and most profitable decisions.
ProShop was built to manage complex manufacturing processes in a regulated industry.
Visual Work Instructions
Complete Manufacturing Management
Inspection Tracking and Reporting
Calibration/Preventative Maintenance
Are you ready to save money, increase your revenue, make higher margins, grow your business while simultaneously making business easier?
Work fewer hours, do more with less, and make your clients notice and ask what you’ve done to improve your business.
Customers are surprised at how fast and easy ProShop is to implement. We train you through every step of the process. Typical results for ProShop in an average 20 person shop are about 6-10 weeks with no additional staff or overtime needed, and no reduction in throughput during the transition period.

This Is Why Our Customers Love ProShop!

Shop owners love ProShop for its instant access to all data, seamless scheduling & paperless manufacturing system that combines ERP, QMS, MES, and CMMS into a single platform that everyone in the shop enjoys using.
Trillium Machine

Maintained over 95% on-time delivery since using ProShop and the return on investment paid for itself in less than a year.
Frey & Weiss

Had an 80% reduction in office labor: what used to take nearly 80 hours a week, with 2 full-time staff; is now just a part-time job for one person.
3D Industries

Had an overall improvement in the efficiency of 25%.“Pretty much every aspect of our business has improved since ProShop.”
East Branch

Was able to increase their throughput by 25% and on-time percentage from 70% to 100%. They now see ProShop as being the backbone of their company.
Stealth Aero Marine

Increased their planning throughput by 400%. Annual sales have increased by 125% while the workforce has increased only by 15%.

Has seen an increase in profitability due to setups taking less time, jobs were moving through faster, and quality issues were avoided.

These Companies Are Getting Amazing Results With ProShop. Now It’s Your Turn!

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