Manufacturing Scheduling Software

ProShop is a one-stop solution for manufacturing scheduling software for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Our team developed our enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool using our experience as computer numerical control (CNC) machining business owners ourselves. We know what it takes to be the best manufacturing scheduling software on the market because we've shared your responsibilities and created a platform to streamline them.

How ProShop Redefines Complete Manufacturing ERP Scheduling Software

Machine shop scheduling software should be chock-full of user-friendly and configurable features to meet your needs. ProShop delivers what manual and legacy systems can't — a web-based and paperless solution for ERP scheduling.

The Scheduling Module

ProShop's Scheduling module gives you up-to-the-minute data visibility into your job status. 

Review projects in progress to determine precisely how many hours remain on a job based on current staffing and capacity. The Scheduling module pulls information from the Workcell component at granular levels like tools and people in use to calculate the answers. This data helps determine whether you'll meet customer expectations for being on time.

Scheduling is also robust enough to understand the impacts of changes and progress on existing and future jobs. It automatically determines how quantity changes or unplanned downtime affect throughput and updates lead times accordingly. Doing so allows you to make adjustments where necessary for improved customer service.

Scheduling and Work Order Modules Information Flow

No lean manufacturing scheduling software is complete without the process automation that streamlines workflows. ProShop delivers here, too. 

Our platform delivers valuable insights about additional process steps using advanced scheduling analytics. The Scheduling and Work Order modules use multiple factors to calculate when a shipment must head to out-of-plant processing and when it must return to hit due dates. These analytics also alert you when a customer shipment needs to be on the road to make on-time delivery.

Work Orders and Scheduling modules also work together to reduce errors and increase preparedness. Color-coding lets you know instantly when a job is fully ready to go into production or a required step is missing. You enjoy complete customization control over these attributes. Choose the configurations that meet your shop's needs to minimize downtime.

Harness the Power of ProShop to Optimize Scheduling

Don't take our word for it — our customers say it all better than we ever could! Once you see the results we've delivered for them, come check out what we can do for you. Estimate your personalized return on investment with our convenient calculator, then schedule your free demo to see our shop production scheduling software live.

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