ERP Tooling Module

ProShop is an innovative leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools explicitly developed for the manufacturing industry. The program came from 20 years of experience running our computer numerical control (CNC) shop, equipping us to provide a robust platform created for specialists by specialists.

Our full-featured ERP tooling software technology has everything you need to automate your workflows in a paperless environment, improving productivity and your bottom line.

ProShop's Manufacturing Tooling Software Capabilities

The Tooling module contains in-depth information about the consumable tools you work with each day. You'll track and manage them here with the ability to record relevant data about them and filter searches to specific parameters. In this module, you have complete visibility into your tooling.

Our Tooling module automatically imports and exports data to and from other key program features — the Work Order, Workcell and Purchasing modules — to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information. 

Tooling predicts needs based on the information it pulls from your Work Order component. Plus, you can quickly review purchasing histories at a glance, including vendor and lead times. Receiving this advance notice can prevent unplanned machine downtime and job delays.

This module communicates with the Workcell interface as well. That compatibility allows you to see the status of any machine tool or caddy and its current use. These details further support efficient job scheduling to hit on-time goals.

Use the Purchasing module in conjunction with Tooling for well-controlled procurement. Active tooling needs from Work Orders automatically flow to Purchasing based on your current inventory levels. In the Purchasing module, you can set minimum inventory requirements based on the vendor lead times in Tooling. Doing so triggers an automated replenishment alert based on future needs.

ProShop Integrates With Mastercam

Export tool information to Mastercam individually or on a complete-job basis — the choice is yours with ProShop support for both methods. Use these lists as a guide for setting up caddies or offline CNC machines. Simply add tool measurements directly from the pre-setter and upload the resulting offset to the machine to reduce setup friction.

Watch ProShop ERP Tooling Software for Manufacturing in Action

We've developed ProShop as the only paperless manufacturing ERP solution on the market. Our tools help our customers achieve measurable results they rave about. Let us show you everything ProShop can do to manage tooling, reduce setup times and hit on-time targets. Confirm your appointment for a free demo today, or connect with a ProShop specialist for more information.

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