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The metal and steel fabrication industry plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Companies throughout the country manufacture essential items from small tools to structural supports to keep us productive. And many of them depend on ProShop, a full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) for your metal fabrication company.

What Is Fabrication Management Software?

ERPs like ProShop provide a paperless solution for optimizing your organization's productivity and assets. Our platform allows you to manage your time, costs, people and equipment more efficiently. 

Using ProShop to Grow Your Business and Save Money

ProShop is powerful, cloud-based steel fabrication management software that delivers competitive intelligence to help you win more jobs.

How to Quote Fabrication Jobs in ProShop

Create estimates, quotes and purchase orders with a few simple clicks — ProShop metal fabrication ERP streamlines the entire process. You can use our templates or design your own to build estimates, then email them off as quotes for your customers. Once accepted, another click turns the quote into a purchase order, with all the details automatically loading into your other modules.

How to Manage Your Supply Chain More Efficiently With ProShop

Track parts, set minimum quantity alerts and more with the Purchasing and Inventory Modules. The ProShop steel fabrication software platform gives you tools to control costs and maximize efficient procurement. Our Purchasing module integrates automatically with work orders, ensuring you have everything you need to do the job right. With the Inventory module, you can pinpoint locations and get full transparency of a component's entire journey.

How to Support Quality Management With ProShop

Maintain or achieve industry certifications like AS9100 and ISO9001 with ease in ProShop. Our metal fabrication management software includes robust quality management modules like:

Standards: Map any requirement of your quality standards directly to content in your quality management system for documentation. This module helps companies breeze through audits two to three times faster.

Quality Manual: Maintain a centralized source for policies, goals and the performance indicators you use to measure them. The Quality Manual module tracks revisions and organizes your processes and documentation efforts.

Procedures: Edit and revise your processes to meet continuous improvement goals. This module supports unlimited quality standards and links.

Leverage the Power of ProShop in Your Fabrication Shop

Get a bird's-eye view or drill down to line-item detail — the choice is yours with ProShop ERP for metal manufacturing companies. Either way, you get the real-time information you need to make strategic business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Reserve your free demo today to discover what ProShop intelligence can do for you.

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