Growing the ProShop Family

At ProShop, we're in the business of helping companies maximize their potential by improving all aspects of their business. We love doing it, and are always looking for more companies to help. There are a couple ways you can help us to expand and reach our brand. We hope you'll consider one or more of these:

1. Leave a review on Capterra for ProShop. This takes less than 5 minutes and is VERY impactful for us. Our 5 star reviews from clients have resulted in us being the highest rated manufacturing software on Capterra and Software Advice. We'd LOVE your review so we can make sure we stay in the #1 spot. You can see our current reviews here. If you're on a roll, other sites for reviews include G2, TrustRadius and SourceForge. The more reviews you leave, the more swag you will get! 

2. Let other companies know your shop is Powered by ProShop. Customers are blown away when they audit a company that is using ProShop. It is a great sales tool to let your customers and prospects know that you have the most powerful system on the market as the backbone of your company. 
    a. This can take a number of paths. (We can work directly with your IT staff or company to eliminate the work for you)
    b. List ProShop on your equipment list as your ERP and QMS system, and link to our website:
    c. Put this image on your equipment page or in the footer of your website. Make sure that the image has a URL link back to our website

3. Participate in a case study. We interview you for about 30-45 minutes and then write up a case study for you to review and approve. It can highlight any type of improvement you've seen based on using ProShop. You're welcome to use these as well in your own marketing efforts. 

4. #Tag us on social media. If you want to show your audience what you love about ProShop, or how it helps your company, please tag us on your favorite social network. "Social Proof" is an incredibly powerful tool to drive interest and comes from authentic posts from customers who talk about how ProShop has helped them. We always reshare your post! Here are some hashtags to use that are tied to ProShop: #ProShopERP #LoveYourERP #PoweredByProShop 

LinkedIn - @ProShopERP or @PaulVanMetre
Facebook - @ProshopERP
Instagram - @ProShopERP

5. Let us make a video with you. We can come on-site with a small video crew, or hire a local crew in your area to come in for a few hours to do an interview and get some footage out in the shop. We will then edit this footage into a short video or videos for use on our site and social media. This is a great way for your shop to get positive exposure on the improvements you've made in your company. You can even use our video for your own marketing purposes. We cover all the costs (additionally, if you'd like to have some custom tweak or your own branding, we can provide a version of the video for you to use at little to no cost).  

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