How ProShop ERP Catapulted Faircloth to Manufacturing Excellence

January 10, 2024

In a transformative journey towards manufacturing excellence, Faircloth faced tough challenges but found a game-changing solution with ProShop ERP.

Michael Collins, QMS Specialist at ProShop came to Faircloth to help with the transition. After looking through the data stored in Faircloth’s software, Collins eased their mind. “The shop was already 95% of the way to total certification requirement fulfillment just by taking advantage of the basic features in ProShop.” He helped clean up the documents, gave Pannell some quick pointers and assured he was all set.

Since adding ProShop’s software, Faircloth has moved into a 24,000-sq.-ft. (2,230-sq-m) shop—three times larger than the previous one—doubled CNC machine inventory and Pannell can actually sleep at night. “It’s the only software I’ve bought in the past 15 years that I haven’t had second thoughts about. I felt like I made the right decision then and have never wavered.”

Read the entire Faircloth success story by clicking on the link below.

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