Cerven Solutions

August 3, 2023

A successful ERP implementation begins with a plan! Here at ProShop, we have a proven Implementation process backed by our team of experts. With an over 93% success rate, vs. the industry rate of 25%, we are transparent about our process and we put our cards on the table, to help companies understand how we have such a high success rate. Stay tuned for new episodes!

ABOUT CERVEN SOLUTIONS: Cerven Solutions understands that your business has no time for downtime and they take pride in offering general CNC machining in New York to keep operations running at top speed. With state-of-the-art equipment, Cerven ensures all machining jobs are completed accurately and efficiently!

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Episode 1

In this first episode, we get to know the brothers at Cerven Solutions, Sean and James, how they chose an ERP when they were just 2 employees, and what the onboarding process has been so far in the first few of weeks. We talk about their trainer, Kevin, who’s a machinist by trade and also used to use ProShop at a machine shop he worked at, so he’s a perfect trainer for them.

Episode 2

Sean and James are already jumping into the equipment module to solve some immediate shop needs they have to track their thread gauge inventory. They discuss some best practices with Paul around this topic and other new things they’re learning this week in the shop.

Episode 3

In week 3, Sean and James share their interest in getting ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified, after they had met last week with Kelly from the QMS team to learn about the QMS modules.

Episode 4

Paul and the guys discuss ways they’ve found to better track inventory for finished goods, and for their hardware (any why they won’t need to throw away extras), how they’re starting to estimate some jobs, and understand estimating better. Paul gives them some ideas to think about for estimating time budgets for their Xometry work and a few other things.

Episode 5

In week 5, Sean shares their need to do and document maintenance on their air compressor, so they dig into some more advanced uses of the equipment module. The guys also share their experience attending ProShop’s first Space Supply Chain Opportunities Webinar.

Episode 6

Sean and James are starting to have their new employee use ProShop to help with equipment maintenance. They also talk about their estimating templates and how they realize how much it’ll make their lives so much easier.

Episode 7

In this episode Paul, James and Sean talk about 3 main topics, from material remnants, to accounting integration, and lastly inspection plans and quality reporting. The Cerven team is really seeing how ProShop will streamline so many of their currently manual processes.

Episode 8

Sean and James talk about labeling workstations to make it easy for employees to know what and where to work, alternate ways to buy material that doesn’t require an inventory item, and then Paul digs deep into the settings and theory of different methods of estimating work to price it more accurately for the market.

Episode 9

In this episode the guys share how they’re starting to build inspection plans, and learned how to link specific inspection gages to the plan. They also dig deep and Paul shares some ideas on how to speed up part creation by customizing drop-down menus, overwriting operations, or creating templates.

Episode 10

Paul and the guys discuss how material purchases work in ProShop, and how they have the ultimate control of how costs are allocated to jobs, related jobs with shared materials, and more.

Episode 11

We check in with Sean and James to see how their last few weeks of implementation are shaping up. They proudly show off their process for looking up Work Orders, and how this will continue to be a beneficial method in the future with the help of ProShop.

Episode 12

Sean and James describe the past few months implementing ProShop and learning from our team on how to run a shop more effectively with ProShop. They share that ProShop has brought a huge amount of accountability to their company, and recommends that any shop managing sophisticated work should consider an ERP like ProShop. It’s been a very fun opportunity to get to know the Cerven brothers and we have huge respect for what they’re building at Cerven Solutions and are grateful to be a small part of their success.
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