Micro Space Products

May 22, 2024

A successful ERP implementation begins with a plan! Here at ProShop, we have a proven Implementation process backed by our team of experts. With an over 93% success rate, vs. the industry rate of 25%, we are transparent about our process and we put our cards on the table, to help companies understand how we have such a high success rate. Stay tuned for new episodes!

ABOUT MICRO SPACE PRODUCTS: Alex Berger bought Micro Space Products about 3 years ago. He and his wife Payton and have grown the aerospace machine shop significantly over that time, which revealed significant weaknesses in the the old ERP system, E2, they inherited with the business. Being overwhelmed by the work involved in just a simple date change to an order, and also no great way to import in the thousands of line items of new contracts they were receiving, with little support from ECI, they went looking for a new ERP system. When they found ProShop ERP, they knew immediately it was the system to build the foundation of the company on.

Click here to listen to the Micro Space Products episodes on Spotify.

Episode 1: Choosing ProShop & Getting Started

In this first episode, they’re about 4 weeks into training and are loving the process already. They got paired up with their Implementation Specialist - Justin who has deep personal experience helping run an advanced CNC machine shop with ProShop, so he’s been a fantastic resource for them. Check out this episode and check back weekly for new updates as we follow their progress.

Episode 2: It’s getting Real - Estimates to Work Orders

Alex and Payton have wrapped up estimating and have learned how those estimates and quotes flow into the Customer PO, Parts, and Work Order modules. It’s exciting to see the real-world application of part numbers they are making right now, and odd scenarios they need to deal with from their customers. Alex will have to change his estimating process a little bit, but he sees the vision and knows why it’s critical to their growth. The functionality of multiple routings in the Part and WO modules are blowing their minds. This was an exciting episode and you can see on their faces how ProShop is going to be so instrumental in their company’s success.

Episode 3: Applying ProShop Features to Real-World Issues

Payton and Alex have gotten exposed to some ProShop features that spawned a bit of a philosophical discussion with Paul about how to run a precision machining company efficiently. The Pre-Processing Checklist was a hot topic today and they can see how it can see how it increase throughput by focusing on the tasks they perform every day, but doing it a bit sooner in their process, and a bit more systematically. After all, the goal of ProShop is to build a scalable system so they can get out of the weeds and focus on growing their business - or whatever else they want to focus on, like taking more vacation!!
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