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so we’ve had Pro Shop for just about a

year now and we’ve seen efficiency

increases through every aspect of the

shop and we can’t imagine living without

it since using Pro Shop our spendal

utilization has increased from 30 to 40%

more than we were with the old Erp

system our return on investment for Pro

Shop paid for itself in less than a year

being able to be where we’re at now we

would have had to hire at least two more

employees from the first quarter to the

second we had an increase of sales of

about 12% even though our staff went

down and our profitability went up

because of Pro Shop’s features before

Pro Shop we had about 35 employees and

we’re about a $8 million uh a year

company in sales we are today about an

$18 million company and we are doing

that with about 40 employees my guess is

we’d be somewhere up around 50 employees

to be able to meet a $1 million in sales

without Pro Shop one of the reasons we

were able to have such rapid growth

coming from five employees 18 months ago

to 30 employees today is because we have

a system like Pro Shop without Pro Shop

there is no way we could have handled

the workload and stay organized like

we’ve been able to stay but still to

this day we’re integrating new processes

as our company grows Pro Shop grows with

us I suppose one thing the Pro Shop has

done is it kind of changed the culture

of our shop because we’re more cognizant

of wasted time and how to do things

properly and we’re up about 80% gross

from before we started using Pro Shop

increased efficiency is definitely hard

to gauge and we haven’t even been live

for a year but I could probably say

easily 25% just based on the amount of

work we’ve been able to push through and

as we get more and more familiar with

Pro Shop I think that number is just

going to grow exponentially the

efficiency level of everyday operations

is staggering and that we now have the

ability to see everything it’s a

brilliant brilliant software


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