Pros: ProShop has been a game changer for us. We were moving away from 35+ years of a paper copy centric system and magnetic job board and we haven’t looked back. We now know we have all of the part information in one place and all of that relevant info is making it to floor. We are much more confident when estimating cost and lead time, and watching the work move though the shop in real time ensures we stay on track. We were surprised that we did not need to hire any extra bodies long term to manage the system and how it actually saves us time overall. ProShop has a module for every aspect of our business and as we continues to standardize our process and adopt the system we see the benefits very quickly. We are even currently implementing ProShop in a completely separate division of our company so they too can realize these improvements.

ConsOccasionally our specific company needs may follow a slightly different work work path as Proshop. Almost always however the team at Adion is able to help come up with a way to make it work for our application and they have a great feature request system for making suggestions.

Comments (Benefits): Using ProShop for any amount of time you can tell the software was born out a real shop. Talking with the team at Adion gives you even more confidence that they have been in your shoes before and it makes the support truly second to none.

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