Pros: Easy access to every piece of information in your business instantaneously. No need to hunt through filling cabinets, searching for a print from last year that had a note on it that you need. Within just a few seconds you can pull up any job you have ran and all information about that job is right where you left it.
Cons: none.
Comments (Benefits):
I have been running ProShop for 4.5-yrs and have come to depend on it as much as any other asset in my business. ProShop significantly reduces time consumption in all aspects of manufacturing management from quoting to planning to purchasing and on through all needs of machine shop operations. Because this system is web based it can easily be access from any computer/tablet in the business. There is no more need retain any paper documentation as all information is stored digitally, and can easily be accessed.

My shop is quite small and I primarily make tooling and prototypes. Often times I have many dozen, and occasionally up to several hundred, open work orders and I would not be able to manage this amount of work without ProShop.

I have, and will continue to, recommended ProShop to any machine shop interested in optimizing their profitability.

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