Pros: I really love this software. It is designed to be a paperless system which makes record keeping much easier. Very user friendly to navigate through. It is Internet based so you can upload pictures and videos to a specific job or operation. Job costing works live all throughout the process. Machine efficiency, utilization and indirect time are very easy to track. Very easy to create your own search query and pull very specific reports that may be unique to your business. It goes on and on.

Cons: The scheduling function was a little cumbersome to use. It was difficult to re-arrange for the order desired. However, the latest upgrade corrected this problem and now has a drag and drop function that makes this process much easier and streamlined.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: Outdated system. Having a lot of server issues as well as customer service issues.

Comments (Benefits): ProShop has helped with profitability as well as OTD. We went from 76% OTD in early 2019 and 4 months later we reached 99.8% OTD and have maintained it ever since. This has opened more doors and opportunities for more work and new customers. Which means growth. This software made it possible.

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