Pros: Ease of use, paperless, it does everything.
Cons: none
Comments (Benefits):
ProShop is an excellent tool that allows us to build all of our processes into one consolidated package. It handles everything: customer contact and quotes, project management, work floor instructions, all QMS requirements all the way through shipping the product. It’s all there, all traceable and all paperless.

ProShop has given us great features for managing schedules, inventory, equipment and maintenance, tool room, and even time-tracking of production. With just a few clicks we can see what is happening on any given job in real time. Our project managers are able to plan out every detail of every job quickly and easily and see potential conflicts or delays early. This allows us to better serve our customer’s needs and deliver on time.

The user interface of ProShop is very nice and easy to use. We are able to on-board new employees and have them using ProShop in a very short amount of time. The guided tutorials are very helpful and by the time they are working on product, they already know how to navigate ProShop and find the information they need. We also log all training within ProShop’s training record module so supervisors and employees can work together and quickly understand the training they have and what training they need.

As our company has seen growth we inevitably deal with many different requirements from all of our customers and their QMS systems. ProShop allows us to comply with all of them individually and handles all of it in a paperless environment. We have full product and process traceability that is maintained with every nuance of each customer’s requirements. It can then be referenced or provided quickly and easily whenever needed with a few clicks.

ProShop Canada Inc has been able to listen us and understand what our company needs. They have tailored systems to our needs and continue improve the software to handle the ever evolving world of manufacturing.

ProShops integrates many different features that would normally take different software to handle. In addition Adion is continuously adding new features to make sure we have everything we need to be successful. I look forward to our success as we take advantage of everything Adion and ProShop has to offer.

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