Pros: As many ERP systems should do, ProShop puts organizational, operational, project and part information in a central repository. One of ProShop’s strengths is ‘process workflows’ that really work.

Cons: ProShop is continuing to improve the online help files. However, the guided implementation process and support (email, video conference, phone, etc.) are the best we’ve found in the complex software world.

Alternatives Considered: Global Shop Solutions, E2 Shop System, Infor VISUAL, JobBOSS

Reasons for Choosing ProShop: We chose ProShop after being introduced to the software by a young manufacturing professional. He shared that ProShop was the best solution for custom manufacturing he had used. After viewing customer testimonials, watching all available videos and demoing the software- we decided we agreed. ProShop is the best ERP solution for custom and repeat manufacturing.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: Due to accelerating growth and the need for a robust ERP solution to manage data, we needed a piece of software the was pre-engineered to both meet our requirements and support our expansion.

Comments (Benefits): It sounds like a line from a trade journal article, but ProShop is the 3rd ERP system our company has implemented. After 18 months of use, we can honestly say this is the best ERP solution our team has ever used.

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