Pros: The software is very user friendly for people at all levels of the organization. The single software manages all aspects of our manufacturing company beginning with estimating and ending with invoicing. It is completely paperless and eliminates many unneeded man hours for tasks like data entry or collecting out of rev prints from the shop floor. It also manages our entire QMS to ensure compliance with AS9100 and incorporates the requirements of the QMS into standard workflows for all employees. This makes audits very easy to prepare for. It also integrates easily with Quickbooks for ease of accounting functions. Finally, the cloud based approach makes the IT aspects so simple and worry free, plus I can easily access the software when I’m away from the shop! So many additional positives to list, I could go on and on…..

Cons: I really don’t have any cons to list. If I had to list one thing for improvement it would be to have just a little more flexibility of category fields in the estimating module so I could adopt costing for the composites industry easier. That being said, my implementation specialist was able to help me come up with some work arounds to accomplish what I need.

Reasons for Choosing ProShop: There was not a comparable product for the price.

Switched From: DBA Manufacturing

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: DBA did not incorporate ERP with QMS and accounting.

Comments (Benefits): Overall experience has been positive. I would highly recommend this software to any company small or large who want an easy to use software the will make them more efficient and better.

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