Industry Experts Discuss the Present and Future of Manufacturing

June 5, 2024

Despite some lingering uncertainties and concerns, optimism abounds regarding the manufacturing outlook for 2024 and beyond. To succeed, manufacturers must prioritize their strengths and needs, as well make smart investments and choose the right partners.

Industry experts were asked the following question: The U.S. manufacturing economy expanded in March after 16 months of contraction. What’s your overall outlook for the economy and manufacturing for the rest of 2024 and 2025?

Here’s how ProShop ERP’s CMO, Paul Van Metre answered: “I believe that the overall manufacturing economy is entering a boom cycle that will last for years to come. Some sectors will outperform others but, as a whole, the outlook is positive. Aerospace, medical, defense and other higher-end industries are going to feel the strongest demand as they have the highest requirements to be built in North America with the least chance of that business staying or going offshore.”

Read more responses from several other leading companies and organizations using the link below!

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