Proper Succession Planning Promotes Progress

November 1, 2023

“There are so many nuances in the manufacturing world. Getting ProShop ERP was a game changer for the company because it gave me the ability to identify different aspects of the company that need attention,” Hannah notes. “From scheduling to purchasing, implementing the ERP system made it possible for me to keep track of the details and step away, being at ease that it is taken care of.”

Wanting to spend more time with his wife, David Hannah, president of G Zero CNC Machining, was thinking of selling his business. At an industry conference, Hannah met Paul Van Metre, and was introduced to the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Once Hannah began using ProShop ERP, he reconsidered selling as he was able to approach his business with a new succession planning strategy.

How do machine shop owners leverage their business equity with the freedom to transition into retirement? Read how G Zero and Prosper tech did exactly this with the link below!

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