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August 8, 2018

ProShop has been taking the machine shop ERP world by storm since it’s introduction in 2016. We’re proud to have a high profile shop like CARR Machine and Tool ditch their legacy ERP system and adopt ProShop. Jim Carr, the owner of CARR Machine is also the co-host of the most popular podcast about the machining industry – MakingChips.  For him, it was a very personal decision about the trajectory of his company, staying on the leading edge of technology, ensuring his company was well positioned for growth, and making sure it was ready for the next generation of his family to take it over.

From the MakingChips website:

The Risk and Reward of Implementing a New ERP System with Ryan Carr and Paul Van Metre

On this episode of MakingChips, Jim interviews his son Ryan Carr, Operations Manager at CARR Machine and Tool, Inc. along with Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProShop ERP, about the risk and reward of implementing a new ERP system. During the interview, Ryan shares about the decision-making process and how they have been applying the new, full-spectrum ERP called ProShop. Listen as Ryan and Paul explain why an ERP is so important and how you can start the process of implementing one in your business.

Taking the Plunge Into a New ERP System

Prior to purchasing the new ERP system, Ryan explains that there were inefficiencies and redundancies at CARR Machine and Tool, Inc. Data entry required multiple steps with numerous papers being unnecessarily shuffled around the office. Knowing that something had to be done to move the company forward, Jim and Ryan called in Paul Van Metre to explain how ProShop could help them. Hear how implementing the new ERP system is significantly minimizing redundancy and increasing efficiency.

Becoming the Metal-Working Nation’s Premier ERP System

Paul Van Metre was an experienced manufacturer prior to developing ProShop. He ran his own machine shop and experienced great success. His business grew to the point that they needed a better way to manage the company’s data. After searching and trying other ERPs, Paul and his team decided to build their own program. ProShop was originally intended only for internal use, but after a customer asked to purchase their proprietary software, Paul knew they had a product that the metal-working nation needed. Listen to the story of how ProShop became the premier ERP system in the manufacturing market during this episode of MakingChips.

The Benefits of an ERP System in Your Company

Paul Van Metre says, “The economy drives off of taking raw materials and turning them into high-precision, value-added products. You can’t run an economy just making lattes and selling insurance.” Manufacturing is important, but it’s also challenging. An ERP creates a centralized place where all files are stored and easily accessed. Implementing an ERP can help streamline your processes, keep you organized and efficient, and better position you for success in your market.

Assessing the Risk and Reward for Your Company

Running your own manufacturing business can be difficult. Companies need as many tools as possible to help them be successful. Big, expensive decisions aren’t easy, but if you don’t change today, you’re competition will. You have to be willing to adapt and try new things to stay relevant in the market. Jim and Jason encourage you to analyze your company to see where you can reduce redundancies and inefficiencies. Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how an ERP system can benefit your company.

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