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autopilot specializes in precision

manufacturing for a variety of

industries namely commercial aerospace

and the outdoor industry autopilot was

not using any formal system prior to

proshop we were using a variety of paper

job travelers excel spreadsheets tribal

knowledge notebooks and it just wasn’t

working one of the key factors that we

elected to go with proshop just having

everything integrated namely the qms

system at the time we knew we were going

to pursue our as9100 certification

the onboarding training was easier than

we thought it was tailored specifically

to us we could speed up or slow down

depending on if there was a module or a

section that we really weren’t grasping

or if we got it real quick we could just

kind of skim over it and move on to the

next topic

paper travelers are probably a physical

manifestation of chaos whereas proshop

is on the forefront of organization

we have not lost a work order or a job

traveler on the shop floor in quite some

time having everything on the computers

and being able to pull it up and not

have to look at a greasy coolant spilled

piece of paper we don’t miss that

adapting to pro shop we thought was

going to be a pretty big culture ship

this is a big deal for our shop which

has been fairly archaic paper job

travelers tribal knowledge etc so we

were ready for some pushback from our

shop floor folks you know going from

paper to digital there wasn’t any in

fact it surprised us everybody jumped on

board even more so some of the older

folks that have been in the business


proshop has made my job less difficult

by having a central location where i can

go and document everything whether it be

my time tracking or my clock in punch to

my in-process checks to also looking at

how other people implement their setups

and i think that’s streamlined a lot of


we probably replaced a dozen if not more

different inventory management systems

and excel workbooks to track our

purchase orders and physical binders to

keep our material certification so we

probably had a dozen plus

once we got on board with pro shop just

seeing where we are in that particular

job looking at the schedule which is

updated in real time has definitely

helped us to just increase our

throughput and get parts out the door

quicker so we’ve probably seen

throughput increase as well as revenue

by about 50 since we’ve had pro shop

using pro shop we’ve probably seen an

increase in efficiency on a per spindle

basis probably about 25

pro shop is probably the number one

thing that we can point to that’s led to

our improved efficiency our return on

investment for pro shop itself has been

at least three times what we spend on it

per month if i could go back in time i

would not spend any time at all debating

on whether to move from a paper system

to a paperless system like pro shop you

know it’s a no-brainer i absolutely love

pro shop

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