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– So when I talk to shop owners and I’m giving a demonstration of ProShop a lot of them tell me that one of the biggest problems they have is when they have a work order and something needs to change about it like something significant not just rescheduling it to a different machine but like they need to do a different way they need to put it on entirely different type of machine like they were gonna run it on their five-axis but now that machine is no longer available so now they have to put it on a vertical with like four different setups or maybe they don’t have any capacity at all and they’re gonna outsource it to a partner shop that they work with and that other shop’s gonna make it for them and one of the challenges they have with their traditional ERP system is that that’s really messy or they just can’t really do it or they have to manually make change a bunch of stuff. So that was an issue that we always had at our shop where we built ProShop. So just thought I’d take a moment and show you some of the ways that ProShop can handle that. So here we have a work order. It has three different mailling operations here with this VF2, right? And let’s say, we’re gonna completely change the way we’re gonna do this. In fact, here’s a great example. I can see this is an order for 10 but ProShop is telling me that I already have 44 of these in stock at this revision level, right? So there’s that little part. Anyway so I’m gonna just scroll down here. You see this button’s called re-finalize. If I click this button, it’s gonna allow me to choose from the multiple different routing methods that I already have for this part. So it was routing one was to be building house. I’m just gonna click right here choose this radio button, scroll to the bottom, click save and just like that now this is what my work order looks like. It’s completely reconfigured. There’s no more machining operations. It’s no longer on our schedule. You know, this could have easily been an outsource method could have been a different set of machines and those machines when I reconfigured them to different operation numbers would have all different work constructions, material sizes, inspection plans all that would automatically get reconfigured. So anyway, just a little tip on how ProShop handles that. If this sounds easier than what you do today give me a call and let’s talk. Thanks.

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