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– [Narrator] The equipment module inside a ProShop is used to maintain any instruments that have equipment calibration that have to be performed or preventative maintenance that have to be performed. That’s just two of the use cases. There’s others as well, but we’re focused on those two today. Equipment can be cataloged into multiple different categories and organized with automatic reminders and alerts of when those items are due. Let’s go check a look at this one item right here. This is the page for a horizontal mill. We can see details about that piece of equipment, a photo, any files we would like to attach such as a manual and you can see this machine is on many different schedules. Let’s look at this top one here. We have a brief description of what it is. We have some more detailed notes about it. We can see who is responsible for that service. In this case, it is a shop assistant, which is feeding from our company positions module. Right now Brian, Owen and Chris are all shop assistants. So they will actually be the ones that get automatic reminders about these items as they come up to be due. We can see who last checked it, the frequency, how long it takes, any other resources including the form of videos or images or attachments. And in this case, this service also has a BOM item. Let’s take a look at that. So as we might expect replacing the batteries is gonna use up some batteries. We can see this is feeding from our COTS module which is commercial off the shelf for this particular battery how many I have in inventory, where we store them to find those and this will also feed automatically into our purchasing system to make sure we don’t run out of these as we consume them. We can see when the service was last checked and when it’s due again next. If we click this history button right here we can see a history of when this service was performed and who did it with any notes or details we want to put in. Let’s go ahead and check this item. We’ll pretend like we’re replacing the batteries right now. So I’m just gonna click check select okay. And it pulls up here to confirm all the items that I did. And I did indeed use up four batteries so I can put in four there. And I can put in any notes or details or I could add files if I wanted to. And I’m just going to click save. You’ll notice that now has reset the due date when it was checked last and when it’s due again, next. So as the items come up to be due within a week or two of the due date, they start turning yellow. If they go past due, they will turn red and start sending very frequent reminders. Let’s go look to see how we would handle doing this with a piece of inspection equipment. So here is a caliper that is in our system. We’ve put a few photos here of how we perform the service some instructions of how we do this. Cause we do not send this item out. It’s done in-house. Here is the single schedule that it’s on. With who’s in charge of it, all the details. And of course, again, I can click here to look at the history of it. So if I’m in an audit and an auditor grabs that caliper and says, show me the history of this item. We can just pull that right up in ProShop, click on the history button and show them the entire time all the services that we’ve performed on this equipment. But let’s take it one look at something in particular. If we can click here on some of the equipment we use to do the calibration in this case a gauge block set, we can see that those are on two different schedules for scratches and burrs, which happens once a year. And then every two years we send it out for calibration or replacement. If we wanna look at the history icon of the sending it out process, we can see when we bought it new and we can also see and scan in and look at the NIST traceable search that we were provided by the third party supplier that did the calibration for us. So in that way, we can show any auditor the NIST traceability of any piece of equipment on our shop floor at any time with just a few mouse clicks. So that’s just a few ways that ProShop can track and manage all your equipment calibration and preventative maintenance. If you’d like to learn more, please let us know. Thank you.

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