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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 1-10

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Diversified Testimonial Technologies Testimonial

– When we started Diversified 10 years ago, we started with E2 Shop System and it worked okay, but it had some serious deficiencies, so we switched to ProShop, because it was really nice and all of your material certs, outside processing certs. Time-tracking is all integrated to the Work Order or your Tool S. Pretty much anything you wanna add to the part from a manufacturing standpoint, you can add at any level and it’s available for the future.

– ProShop has streamlined our process in the office because it basically gets rid of double data entry, which is really valuable for us from the time that a part comes in, and we quote that part ’til the time we get an order for those parts. That process is very quick.

– ProShop on the shop floor is a lot better than it used to be because there’s more information for each step along the way. So when you have a Work Order, it’s easy to add in some tracked steps to the Work Order and on each step you can add pictures, videos, any information that you wanna convey to your employees or to the shipping department and inspection to the operator.

– Every employee has the freedom of information. They can see what they need to do without coming and asking. They can see, how it’s been done without coming and asking. They can see what’s gonna be done next without coming and asking. And that’s really nice because being more self-sufficient is by and large more profitable.

– [Tybalt] I suppose one thing the ProShop has done is they’ve kinda changed the culture of our shop because we’re more cognizant of wasted time, and how to do things properly. And we’re up about 80% gross, from before we started using ProShop.

– As we grew, we were able to take on a lot more work and we were able to stay on time and having that influx of work and staying on time. I would attribute that straight to Pro Shop.

– Yeah, I would recommend ProShop and I have recommended ProShop. Just check it out, and you’ll like it.

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