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– My name is Andrew Lovas, Vice President, Stevested Machine. So we had a homegrown here P system that we had started developing ourselves We’re fully paper local manufacturing plant, or traveller involves quite a bit of documentation that would be shoved in an envelope, basically, by 11. And it would get quite thick at times, and it would fall apart, wasn’t the best way. But it was what we knew. And we did it for years. Really like the QMS aspect of ProShop, to streamline things and make things easier for us to manage, quality management system. Historically, you know, we had this rule find it five minutes or you’re not finding it at all, instead of taking five minutes to find what we’re looking for, we can do it in five seconds. With ProShop we, we don’t, we don’t use spreadsheets anymore. We communicate more through ProShop, internally, rather than email which used to do before. Yeah, so all around in just gently flowing the information throughout the company. It’s just so much easier. It’s easier to control. Training module for, for bringing or even existing employees that that’s very thoroughly encompassing. And that’s a very nice feature when it comes to audits. We used to fall down the training aspect, lots we used to have findings. And when we went ProShop, we had our first audit, that module, we knocked it out of the park. We talk about gaining efficiencies, maybe by reducing costs by having people in this day and age do more, right? But what ProShop’s allowed us to do is free up time with key people. So they were able to do more. By doing so we’re actually more productive in a day. If anything, we’ve added staff because we’re more competitive. ProShop has helped us with our growth to maintain our robust on time delivery, what’s expected of our customers. Compared to where we were before, It’s a drastic move in the right direction. ProShop’s a very unique tool designed by machine shop for machine shops. I don’t know if there’s anything else they’re out there like that. So for us, it’s made a big difference. My name is Andrew and Stevested is powered by ProShop

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