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– Before ProShop and our old ERP system, we were about 75% on time. And since using ProShop we’ve maintained over 95% on time delivery since we started over a year ago.

– Prior to purchasing Proshop, we were using JobBOSS. We had a lot of difficulties in maintaining a good schedule that would be accurate. So we can forecast on our workload. And Proshop it was just amazingly more robust than our current system we were using. On-time delivery has been one of our exciting features that we’ve been able to improve on. So we know we can get our parts out to our customers on time.

– ProShop allows us to come in on time on greater percentage than we were before. We started growing our mistakes were compoundly growing on inserts and material specs and we made it out of the wrong material and now we’re doing that on a large scale but we’re hitting the mark. We’re able to turn around close fairly fast with Proshop.

– [Seth] As we grew, we were able to take on a lot more work and we were able to stay on time and having that influx of work and staying on time. I would attribute that straight to Proshop.

– We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers based on our improvements and things like on time delivery, as well as quality delivery. We’ve driven our on-time deliveries up over 92% consistently and our customers are thrilled for him. We’ve actually gotten more work from more of our customers because we’ve been able to improve our quality and delivery simultaneously.

– [Chris] With ProShop, we’ve been able to increase our on-time delivery for production orders to 99%. So, we can generate a work order and actually start producing parts two to three weeks sooner than with our old system.

– Its helped us as far as on-time performance get to a place where we can visibly see due dates coming up and approaching and know what needs to be done. So as far as percentages, we’ve increased by at least 10%.

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