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– I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to research and stuff. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of hours into just researching ERP software and talking to people, and I have no regrets.

– So our search for a new system took about two years. We did demos of probably a dozen systems. We had that one hour to get to know ProShop that turned into two hours. Once we did the demo, I think we signed up maybe a month after that there was no other software we we’re looking at.

– We looked at Job Boss, we looked at M1, and we looked at another one that I can’t even remember, that really didn’t stand out, so, ProShop really did that for us, they’re the ones that clicked for us.

– All of the ERP softwares were basically built on the same platform and every one of them had scheduling problems, and they weren’t necessarily designed for ultra precision multi-process machining. So when I heard of ProShop I was a little reluctant to get excited because I had looked at every other ERP software out there on the market and was disappointed. But then when we started digging, the more we dug we just found gold.

– If I were to talk to another shop owner currently doing research on ERP systems I would tell them to look at the company behind the system. Does that company know what it’s like to run a shop? The team over at ProShop have run shops before so they understand the problems that you’re facing.

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