Manufacturing eCommerce Success: Capture the Tremendous Opportunities Waiting for you with eCommerce
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we are live good morning Kurt how you doing this morning well noon for you

it’s just just P peaked over the noon hour that’s right so we got people

streaming in here we’ll give folks a minute

um and uh let’s see here uh panelists can chat anyone everyone can chat so we

just turned on the chat for everyone so I would love it if you in the audience would tell us where you are joining from

in the chat I always love to see all the cities all the states all the countries potentially um that you’re joining from

so where are you coming in from right now and we’ll do that for a minute here

we go thank you folks Daryl kicking us off Langley BC Brandon from De Moine Iowa Kai from Fullerton California

William and Charlotte North Carolina Tyler from mulea Washington

awesome excellent and I see some names I know including my Dad hey Dad good to

see you here thanks for joining Dad you got your dad man yep my dad is here he

often visits these webinars we talked about dead on Friday did we not we did talk about dead on

Friday y all right well awesome well thank you for joining us everyone appreciate um

your interest in this very important topic we are super excited and blessed to have Kurt the very the the Kurt

Anderson if you can believe it um here on our webinar today um Kurt brings just

an incredible amount of energy and expertise and knowledge about e-commerce and all things web so um as I said in

some of my posts uh us focusing on this was super important all back in in the

Pro CNC days um we I think Kurt has dug up some photos some screenshots of our

website from the Wayback machine so it’s going to be fun to check these things out and then learn about how important

this is um today for your business to be focusing on this as a way to uh have

lead generation and new prospects and new new new clients so Kurt welcome and

thank you for joining us today Paul thank you dude what an absolute honor privilege man we have a great crowd here

my buddy Gary Wood Jarvis Dar Daryl Dale we have all sorts of guys here and so Alan and man dad dale dale what a great

job you did with this young man here Paul Van Meter so what an absolute honor and privilege happy Tuesday everybody

we’re gonna take a deep dive into e-commerce all sorts of cool things first I want to give a big shout out to

my friends at Pro Shop Erp I am a raving fan self-professed president of the fan

club and so they are doing an amazing job Paul and I connected anybody that you know before covid it’s like you know

BC ad right so I’ve known Paul preco and just really admire the work that he does

helping manufacturers so this is a true honor for me for all of you in the manufacturing space man thank you you

guys are truly the heroes of our economy man we thank you we salute you God bless

you for the hard work that you guys do you are the backbone of our United States economy we might get a little

made in USA chant going here Paul what do you think so but I know everybody’s time is super

busy precious we know how busy you are so thank you for taking time out of your day to join us really the theme of today

is right here man we want to make it as easy as possible to do business with you

boy if you have one takeway today that’s that’s the theme that we’re going to go with today because we want to make our

customers feel like this guy right make your customer feel like the smartest person in the room and they are customer

for life speaking of Einstein speaking the smartest guy in the room man how about a shout out to this young man Paul

again thank you guys if you’re not connected with Paul Paul you know drop your LinkedIn in the if you’re out there

you’re just joining us drop your LinkedIn drop your website we’d love to you this is a great networking

opportunity guys so we person we’ be handing out business cards we’d be high-fiving shaking hands drop your

linkon uh profile in the chat box we would love to connect with you this is my mug shot here I’m Kurt Anderson I’m

e-commerce evangelist for manufacturers number one job on the planet I’m a proud girl dad so this is what we’re going to

talk about today I have this little book Paul it’s called stop being the best kep secret and our goal here is for your clients your folks at Pro Shop let’s

together stop being the best secret Paul pop quiz I’m putting it out if you guys want to put in the chat box the number

one complaint for B2B buyers the number one complaint of B2B buyers today does

anybody know what that answer is drop it in the chat Paul any idea any suggestion I’m gonna say uh I don’t want to yeah go

ahead tell us what it is ready guys is are you guys sitting down for this one raise your hand not enough information

on the website it’s 2022 Paul I don’t know about you I dread when I go on a website I’m like man I have to call

these people are you kidding me why can’t you provide enough information to help me by make a buying decision well

guess what your ideal buyer doing the same thing this is a pull this get this 22 of 22 Gartner sales survey 83% of B2B

buyers prefer ordering online you look here down below 83% of B2B buyers say they prefer order ordering online or

paying with digital Commerce and that’s B Tob that’s not B Toc that’s B to B to

B right this is absolutely critical this is not a nice to have this is now a must

a have so I know in e-commerce gets a little blurry with our machine shops and job shops are like hey wait wait a minute we don’t have that Preparatory

product but we’re going to solve your problem on that today so guys another tagline like we’re saying like make it

as easy as possible do business with you how about kiss not a good word during covid right Paul that was not a pleasant

word but let’s keep it super simple and what we’re going to talk about today is how do you uh tackle things with digital

Self Serve and just for a Shameless plug at prosop man man do they make your life easy with digital self-service but what

we’re talking here is letting that ideal customer that lands on your website for

digital selfservice speaking of digital Self Service Paul I feel like it’s like we’re gonna Party Like It’s 1999 right

now can you tell me what is this website that we’re looking at right here well without some of the actual images coming

through this was the original Pro CNC website back before we had our changed

our logo this was an another version of it a couple years later um

yeah are hilarious so let’s talk about that you know real quick so you know you guys when you look at the website you

know again we want to try to put our shoes in in the put ourselves in the shoes of your buyer right and that

sometimes that’s hard to do but I love what you did here man like you know this is back what I think I pulled this from like it was like 2002 I think if I’m not

mistaken 2002 2003 20 years ago now how important why was why were uh your

website search words as you were a bunch of young guys fresh out of college building up Pro CNC Paul why was search

strategy so important for you way back then well I I ran across a woman that uh

that talked a lot about SEO and the the importance of having keyword Rich

websites that when people search because Google was just starting to be a thing um that your site would come up so we we

put a ton of effort into this um and for several years maybe several two years

three years maybe uh between like 2001 and 2003 three or four maybe when you

did an organic search for CNC machine shop Pro was the number one organic result and and we got so much

business that way it was really important for our growth right and so boy if it was important in 2002 it is

absolutely critical we need to be where our customers are searching for us so all right guys let’s see another show of

hands I you guys is everybody ready start crushing it with e-commerce here if I can see his show I can’t see anybody can I see his show hands let’s

all right let Paul’s raising his hand heck yeah let’s give a big heck yeah we’re ready why Paul Paul you told me

this is the advanced crowd today so I guys I know you have greatness within you and we’re going to tackle this so if

you stick with us to the end Paul night we have this complimentary website audit no strings attached not going to sell

you anything not going to call you your mom or anything like that but we have this wonderful complimentary free

website audit just for you today to help you on your e-commerce Journey speaking of manufacturing e-commerce success Paul

this is our agenda for today three points we want to keep it super simple Le number one man that sounds like

another another terminology for kiss right we’ll get what is kyss we’ll dig into that one second number two we want

to make a great first I like to call it web pression you have one chance to make

a great first web pression and odds ey when your ideal buyer has a problem needs to be solved right this minute

what are they doing they’re going to your website number three just like Paul did in 2002 dominate search kiss make a

great first what pression dominate search what is kiss Paul know your soulmate s know your

soulmate guys that’s my little terminology for that ideal buyer your dream customer I’m a big baseball fan

Paul you know that so like maybe it’s that customer that you hit a single with maybe it’s a standup double maybe that dream client that is the Home Run we

need to know your ideal customer intimately deeply Paul you were just talking with your team about that before

you jumped on this call I understand right how important is this so guys as a machine shop shop maybe you’re maybe

you’re some are right here right maybe it’s purchasing Paige maybe it’s maintenance Murray okay and we’re

talking boy big demographic changes this these days right on age we’ve got the baby boom crowd uh retiring maybe even

some of the Gen xers are starting to retire now but maybe it’s engineering Chucky who’s engineering Chucky on the

right or maybe it’s engineering Chuck uh Chucky senior on I’m sorry on my right and the other and juniors on the left

right so again we like we want to meet our soulmate that ideal buyer where

they’re at Paul how critical has that been for you in your career Pro CNC and at Pro Shop oh it’s immensely critical

we spend so much time on what we call our our ICP or IDE ideal client profile

um what those personas are who they are what they care about and really focus our efforts on making sure we’re

speaking right to them that’s right and Paul I can’t spell ICP so we’re going to call him soul today right so we’re sort

of sort of that ideal customer profile we’re going to call them soulmate so let’s dig into that soulmate so let’s

say guys as a uh you know you’re out there my buddy Gary Wood in Rochester New York or any of you guys out there let’s say your ideal buyer in indeed is

that engineer okay and we want to understand their goals their frustrations their concerns so like

biggest concerns for Chucky just a little example here you know is the quality really worth the price spike

long-term record of your success can I get something off the shelf right again as machine shops were like hey wait a

minute I don’t have a prep AR product but again these are the concerns of Chucky we want to understand the

concerns of your ideal buyer let’s take it one step further okay so we won’t read this whole slide too but just look

at these underlines that I have so uh you know back at the top I work with fellow Engineers to determine my project

but down here I love innovative solutions I just don’t know always where to look for them I look around Google or

trade shows well guess what during covid what didn’t exist Paul trade show great

shows so now engineering Chucky maybe purchasing paig maybe maintenance Murray

they’re maybe on the shop floor on their phone maybe they’re looking doing a Google search maybe they’re somewhere

online but that’s the first thing that they’re doing so we have to like Paul did in 2002 tackling those those

keywords it’s important that we understand how to tack those search engines down here below I’m not big into

social media not surprised engineering Chucky is busy however Paul isn’t LinkedIn part of social media

technically guess I would think it is but Paul but Chucky down here says I like to network whether it’s on LinkedIn

or an inperson and once again during covid Chucky could not be go to inperson interactions he was on LinkedIn boy if

you’re not on LinkedIn strongly encourage you invite you that’s how Paul and I came together we encourage you to

be tackling LinkedIn Paul maybe that’ll be our next uh Workshop down the road here so we’ll do a little LinkedIn party

so guys there’s a tagline you win the engineer you close the sale right so we want to focus how do we win over Chucky

or again maybe it’s maintenance Murray maybe it’s purchasing page right it could be your ICP hey I spelled it

correctly or it might be your soulmate so let’s dig into on your website maybe

it’s on your LinkedIn profile we want to focus on your core strengths what you’re absolutely best at okay Paul have you

ever heard of the word we like there’s like this awful dreaded disease it’s almost like a pandemic going around the

world it’s called the Wei we syndrome are you familiar with the dreaded awful I sure am see it all the time what do

you want to explain to everybody what is what what is the we we syndrome do you want to share with everybody well it’s it’s it’s focusing uh your verbage and

your attention on on yourself rather than on them right you want to be shining the light on your customer um

and that’ll be that’ll resonate much more with them than you touting how how fantastic you are absolutely dude and I

know you’ve done a you’ve been a master that it’s how you build pro n c so successfully and now you’re doing a great job with Pro uh Pro Shop Erp and

guys what we’re talking about here would I encourage invite you welcome you to do take a look at your website take a look at your social media if you’re on

LinkedIn and how often are you using the word we or how often are you using the word I so for example it’s very common

we go to our machine shops you know and and Paul if you went to my website a few years ago I was a huge huge awful

culprit of this dreaded Wei we syndrome but people you know it’s hey we are on time we are quality we have wonderful

expertise we have amazing capabilities we are the best just ask us we will tell

you how great we are you know a lot of these things are expectations these are not competitive advantages boy if you’re

not on time or if you don’t have great quality odds are you’re not going to be in business long so from a from making

that great first web pression man we want to avoid that we we syndrome as much as possible Paul anybody out there

anybody know this movie you’re anybody what pop quiz what is it

Paul uh grounds hog Groundhog Day Groundhog’s Day Mr B Bill Murray and do

you remember I think let’s see his name was Ned Ryerson was the guy right nobody

wants to be that annoying salesman so the thing is that Wei we syndrome if we were meeting in person and all we talked

about was ourselves we’re going to be that annoying salesperson let’s try to avoid that on our website it’s all about

the Whi them right the what’s in it for me well guys what we want to do is we call I call it the Wi-Fi Paul maybe out

west you call it the we depends on how pronounce it but what’s in it for your

soulmates again I couldn’t spell ICP so I replace ICP with soulmates what’s in it for your soulmates every web page

that you have ask yourself what does my soulmate need today what challenge is my

ICP my soulmate facing right this minute and when we can dedicate ourselves to solving those problems make it all about

them man we’re on our path to e-commerce success so let’s talk about the buyer’s journey I know P’s very cliche the buyer

Journey the buyer Journey world is a journey man it’s a you know we’re climbing over mountains supply chain is

disrupting we have Labor shortage let’s talk about the buyers’s journey okay so how do you make that great first Rood

pression Paul another question for you today my friend you like seafood but and you’re a Northwest guy do you it

absolutely okay all right well you know what do me a favor anybody out there I know Gary Wood is a huge fisherman if

you like seafood I’m going to ask you close your eyes it’s a warning don’t look at the next weather don’t look at

the next slide Paul okay please are you closing your eyes sure he’s Clos okay guys ready how do you make a great first

web pression here we go bam all right Paul you can PE look at this web page

man Unleash Your hunger are you kidding me we’ll show you what you’re missing

check out this one even gets better mouthwatering options on demand don’t

wait your taste buds will thank you what the point here is man I this is a PA

this this is a great company this is Alaskan Seafood Company they ship straight from the Alaskan Shores down to

the lower 48 right to our table man and these guys are speaking directly to

their soulmate man mouthwatering options on demand dude you’re in the low 48 your

Seafood is terrible you want some fresh Alaskan catch we’ve got your back so again it doesn’t matter if you’re

selling Alaskan Seafood I don’t care if you’re selling dog biscuits or what you’re selling that speak the language

that really resonates with that ideal buyer and what they’re doing here is they’re making it all about their

soulmate it’s not about them it’s all about the soulmate if you’re bending metal if you’re cutting steel you’re

making a circuit board I don’t care what what you’re making let’s make it all about that soulmate Paul you and I you

were on my LinkedIn live show dude I I I I I wish I had the link as guys you need

to catch this Paul is just a master class of Entrepreneurship it was such a gift such a blessing I had the honor and

privilege of interviewing Paul Paul we were talking about niching down and I love this line I take zero credit for it

I’m a Shameless plagiarist I took this line from a a dear someone that both you

and I admire and we say Niche down till it hurts Nitch down till it hurts and it

comes from this book here the e- myth yeah Michael Gerber it was the if guys if you have a if you’re an owner of a

small business and boy you haven’t read this book I encourage you I invite you I implore you buy this book today Paul can

you share what has this book done for you for your business at Pro Shop CNC and now in his second round of

Entrepreneurship at Pro Shop Erp yeah when we were just a couple years into our shop and we were growing

and we were fighting fires every day and everyone was running around trying to do a little bit of everything um this book

got got uh mentioned to us we all read it and it just fundamentally changed the way we thought about running our our

business um we got way more focused fused on process on having repeatable

systems um and uh and that it it shaped

not only the way we grew our shop but quite honestly how we built Pro Shop uh the software itself have a lot of these

Concepts built into it so yeah it’s been huge well and again what I love is like

this is a you know high level you know your mission your vision strategy you know we get down into the tactics and

sometimes we get a bit get a little bit lost Bo when your laser focus on you know niching down your core customer

speaking to your soulmate man that’s and so now let’s dig into e-commerce okay so

what I want to talk to you about as a machine shop as a Job Shop a contract manufacturer is all right hey Kurt you

know we we love e-commerce I hear you I get it but you know what we don’t we’re not an oem we don’t have that

Preparatory product however you have a preparatory process and that’s where

your e-commerce opportunity lies so we want to focus on your Niche what you’re

absolutely best at frequently I’ll talk to a CNC shop I’m like hey you know what like keyword strategy what are we going

after well CNC shop uh I been metal I cut steel Paul you know what I’m like

and they’re like hey I want to get on Google rankings for those phrases I’m like good luck I’m like dude you know what my response is you have a better

shot of seeing me with hair because it’s not gonna happen man right it is too challenging but when we Niche down and

you say hey CMC Machining for turbine engine part you know or speak the language that your

engineer is speaking or purchasing paig or maintenance Murray so we want to stay in your Niche let’s dig in most

companies live in that 8020 rule right 20% of your products 20% of your services 20% of your processes are going

to drive 80% of your sales and or probably profits right I want to focus

on your 20% let’s go through a little quick case study and there’s a little goofy thing called Ground straps Paul do

you know what a ground strap is you ever heard of ground strap I do I have all over my car they’re all over the place right then Mr race car himself so guys

if you any look around the room anything that has is an electrical device that draws a current needs to be grounded why

if you don’t ground something that draws electricity you’re going to look like this guy right or you’re going to look like this guy over here so everything on

the planet that draws a current needs to be grounded this product is ubiquitous it’s a multi- multi-billion dollar

industry it is anywhere everywhere think Planes Trains automobiles another great movie coming up with thanksgivings

around the corner Paul another great movie to put on your list but anything that draws a current needs a ground

strap so this company it’s a little tiny like 40 person contract manufacturer their wire harness assemblies they were

manufacturing ground straps and their ideal Persona that Ip Man I spelled it

right again is engineering Elsa Paul do you know engineering Elsa guys if you stick around at the end Paul and I we’re

going to do a duet on Frozen that what was that song Let It Go I think Sarah right do I have that right just and

that’s where we’re also going to do Q&A which I failed to mention at the beginning so we’re doing karaoke and Q&A

we’ll do the karaoke after so you got so nobody leaves right Paul we’ll do the Q&A first so all right we’re gonna do Let It Go I’m just teasing but their

ideal buyer Persona is engineering Elsa and so they were ma manufacturing these

ground straps and look at this web page we T we’re talking about how do you speak to your ideal buyer okay let’s put

ourselves in the shoes of engineering Elsa let’s say Paul you’re out in the Northwest let’s say she works for bow

and she comes in in the work today and somebody up the food chain boss supervisor someone says Hey engineering

alsoa you need to purchase or find you know 30 different items for this project that we’re working on it needs to be

done by end of day ready go sure and she’s like oh my goodness I have a I have a soccer game at the end of the day

today I’m busy I’m slammed and now I need to buy 30 things all right here I go first thing I’m going to do is I’m

looking up ground straps so I’m going to show you in a minute why it’s so critical to make engineering Elsa’s life

easy on search okay and how we’re tackling and we want to dominate search on those keywords but let’s look at this

page Through The Eyes of engineering Elsa receive an instant ground strap

quote build your own custom ground strap no RFQ wait time takes 60 seconds or

less are you kidding me Paul how many times have you had to wait hours days

weeks for an RFQ to be turned around right it’s yeah don’t have time for that anymore painful no time for that of

course we don’t have that at Pro Shop Erp but anyway we’ve all experienced those painful like dude can you please

get me a quote we’re telling engineer and Elsa Elsa I know you have 30 things to buy today I know you have a soccer

game to get to we have your back 60 seconds you’re out the door right so she comes in and look at this big call to

action button get a quote fast what this is it’s a conf configurator it’s a

digital self-service where engineering Elsa can build her own product now you might be pushing back say hey Kurt I get

it this is a little ubiquitous you know little tiny item mine is super complicated man let’s talk offline

because I’d love to help you or get wrap your mind around how can we kind how can we configure these opportunities or

create that digital self-service experience what happens here engineering Elsa she she creates her own product

that doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet she can’t find this in China or another country right here made made in

USA she creates this product and look at the call to action down the bottom place order now she pulls out her credit card

she’s done she can move on to 29 other things and she makes it a soccer game now I’m going to throw in my LinkedIn

hat for a minute if you guys aren’t Super Active on LinkedIn boy we encourage you invite you welcome you we

implore you to get active on LinkedIn when that buyer comes in every buyer comes through that door let’s look them

up let’s shoot a LinkedIn connection let’s build that relationship engineering Elsa here check this out

Paul man not only does she have a bachelor’s degree from Stanford she has a master’s degree she was on the lacrosse team she is super aggressive

man I need my aame with every customer I might need my A++ when I’m talking to Eng engering Elsa here that went to

Stanford right it is critical that we take advantage of LinkedIn Paul what’s the cost to be on LinkedIn I don’t

remember do it cost zero dollars zero thank you very much zero dollars be on LinkedIn to take advantage of those

opportunities Paul this was super exciting this just happened the other day SpaceX knocked on our door and used

our little ground strap coot Builder do you think we want to put ground straps out at SpaceX of course we would love to

Ford knocked on our door said hey guys we need 90,000 pieces do you think we want to give Ford 990,000 pieces Ford we

love you to death we would be honored to provide you with 90,000 pieces of our little product so guys the takeaway is

this eCommerce allows you to test the market with new products and new ideas

I’ve man I’ve been doing this Paul for a hundred years long or see it feels like a 100 years there’s no means that is

more effective more affordable more efficient to connect with new buyers than just testing the waters with

e-commerce again for this little example here we we’ve had Boeing Ford Amazon robotics Johnson Johnson pratton Whitney

all sorts of man these are Paul do you think these are our soulmates any chance by by any I sure think so I absolutely

man we would walk down the aisle with these folks any day Paul here’s my other line for everybody out there today when

taking advantage of digital self-service how do we help that ideal

customer that soulmate make a buying decision on a Friday night at midnight without having to wait for us to open up

our doors on Monday morning right so again think about your product your

process your service and how could you provide that 24hour service and again we

don’t have it doesn’t have to be a complete quote if you will but it could be maybe an estimate or maybe it’s just

an engagement maybe it’s a how-to video maybe it’s a whole white paper on on your process product what have you okay

so again let’s make an effort and here’s the big thing Paul the like on customer

service side when you can take your customer service you know our our dear friend Greg Mishu has a great line he

calls it the digital twin yeah how can you take your customer service that you answer the same

question over and over it’s not efficient for you we take those answers

and we put it on your website maybe you create a Learning Center maybe you create like the I Ben metal resource

guide or what have you and now those same questions that get a asked over and over you can pull that off of customer

service put it on your website more importantly let your salespeople be salespeople and let them get out there

to drum up more business let your website provide those those lower level opportunities customer service and sales

things for you Paul I want to talk about pro shop for a second I know like you guys do an amazing job you’re doing

these webinars you do workshops you have white paper resources all sorts of information to help your soulmates talk

about a little bit like how and why you’ve made it such a a top priority at Pro Shop Erp to help your soulmate make

those buying decisions yeah well actually it’s interesting because when we were first um coming onto the market

about five six years ago um I was actually debating in my head I’m like

you know Pro Shop is a unique product we have lots of cool features that are very different than our competitors I don’t

think I actually want to put all that information on the website because our competitors are going to look at it and then reverse engineer and come up with

the same features and so I I I debated with this for for quite a while and then I said

you know what screw it if if when I was a shop owner I wanted to just go do some research find all the answers that I can

um without having to call somebody so we just we just went for it we just put almost everything we can think of on the

website and I literally have people calling us up on a Monday morning and say I just watched 12 hours of videos on

your website and you have way more information than your competitors do I really appreciate being able to learn

about it and I I’m ready to talk about buying your your product right you know and um so yeah we it’s it’s it’s what I

would have wanted and so that’s how we’re showing up I absolutely love that and let’s you know what and guys

everybody out there let’s what’s what’s the number one word that you’re

selling trust trust trust nice there you go number one word po ding ding ding

dude you get another star in the forehead right ding ding you know trust is the number one thing that you’re sing

and what a if you Gateway everything or you you know keep it to a vest they don’t how do I know that I can trust you

but if you put things out there now people are on your website they’re getting to know you they’re getting to know your expertise and now Paul I’ll

even flip the script it helps you weed out bad leads right if it’s not if it’s

actually not a soulmate like hey this would be a really bad date it actually helps you on weeding out these bad leads

and think about oh you I can tell you firsthand like man though my mother thinks I am Paul I’m not for everybody

right you get you you get into a relationship you get into a business relationship and you’re like oops not a soulmate right this wasn’t a perfect fit

I’m not a good fit for them they’re not a good fit for me now neither of us feels good right now they feel bad

towards me now they’re going to go to somebody else they’re gonna bad you know like it’s it nobody wins the more information you put on your website

Niche down till it hurts all right let’s keep this party going you want to be make your customer feel like this guy

what a handsome devil he was Paul right you know just I don’t know who that guy is that’s Einstein young oh really when

he was young oh my gosh oh yes I guess they see it the hair isn’t quite as crazy have yeah he had he we he had he

had a he had a brush that day so he uh he going it down a little bit so all

right guys all right let’s do a little recap Paul kyss know your customer number two let’s

make that great first web pression like Paul was describing let’s let’s man just be on a Relentless pursuit to build and

establish that trust number three let’s talk about dominating search Paul 2002 you were out there Man attacking these

keywords before like I don’t know I I I bet you SEO wasn’t even a term back then right back in 2002 was just like trying

to get first page go it was like you’re probably ranking on Yahoo and all these other before Google was even a thing

right yeah okay yeah all right so let’s dig into this another Pop Quiz I probably won’t get this Gary Wood might

get this one so all right guys when you’re doing your when all right we want to stop being the best kept secret we

want to attack those search engines I want you coming up above your competitors we need to focus on your

Ricks r i KS that I can spell correctly Paul R KS I don’t know if anybody’s G to

get this but these are your ridiculously important keywords okay so again we want

to Niche down till it hurts Paul when you try to be everything to everybody what happens you’re nothing to nobody

jack of all trades master of of none right so we don’t want to be we can’t be everything to everybody like that

example we want to come up first page on uh I been metal I cut steel CNC we need to finish the sentence okay I been metal

for who and for what I cut steel for who and for what okay think about those

parts and what’s most important think about your soulmate are they typing what you’re typing sure I’m sorry what you’re

thinking and I tell I go through I’m doing a I’m doing a SEO uh SEO Made Simple for manufacturers tomorrow at uh

the MEP in Illinois and I do a really fun example we won’t get into it today but we want to think like are you

positive that they’re thinking what you’re thinking let me go through an example so back to my little goofy

ground strap example when you do electrical ground straps ground straps multi- multi-billion dollar industry

we’re competing against Amazon Granger McMaster Car everybody and their brother man we’ve we’ve earned this little

coveted top spot it’s called the Google snippet man it’s every search marketer’s dream come true this nice big piece of

real estate up here every time somebody clicks on this they could click on it a thousand times Paul how many times do it

does it cost if somebody clicks that click right there it’s zero because it’s organic not paid it’s zero because it’s

organic man this is a dream come true and what I’ve discovered and when you Niche down and I Ben medal for such and

such Paul it is I call it man it’s like search from 2005 because it’s not I’m

finding most not Mo oh I find many many many job shops and contract

manufacturers have incredible opportunities with search because they it’s it’s an untapped market for their

keywords and their phrases okay so again but in this case here with these ground straps man we are going like Summit

Racing right up your alley right you know Summit Racing F and all like we’re going against uh some really tough

competition but we want to tack those search engines okay their number one item is a 8 inch ground strap check this

out see all these arrows like we’re just going after now what we’ve done is we’ve taken this product line and I also work

with clients and like hey how can we take advantage of the of the online marketplaces now again you’re like hey

wait a minute I’m a contract manufacturer I don’t have a preparatory product however when we focus on your

Preparatory process and we take some of those products and we could convert it into a potential proprietary product

line now you can really attack those search engines and now by putting them on marketplaces and that’s a whole

another conversation but just look at these arrows every single one of these arrows is an opportunity for this company little tiny FAL elron where

they’re going against you see you see Granger you see MCM car but all these arrows are going to ful Electronics now

a lot of your engineering uh Ernie engineering Elsa maintenance Murray a lot of times they’re going to images

right man I know what that part is but I want to like what’s it look like so you also want to focus on attacking a search

from your images same thing on this page right here as well okay let’s let’s

break it down for a minute Paul we got a few minutes left right we’re having a good time

time all right do we need let’s stretch everybody all right let’s keep it rocking and rolling right okay let’s

break it down so now what we’ve done when you can take a preparatory product you know and you’re like hey you know

gez you know we do have some Preparatory products without violating somebody’s drawing or somebody’s design or what

have you okay now again and if if I’m keeping this broad because I don’t know

everybody in the room but if you’re like hey wait a minute C I’m going to push back because I don’t know exactly man I would love to geek out with you and try

to discover where is your opportunity well let’s just take a look here I’ll I’ll throw an example um so you know

having a job shop myself one of the things that we kind of fell into that we

were really good at was highly cosmetic cockpit display

panels nice right CNC machined Billet panels you know they go in boeings they

go on air buses they go in Cessnas whatever and and we had a whole page on

Machining cosmetics you know display panels and we had all sorts of keywords and different airplane uh models and and

I tell you we found all sorts of companies that needed flit display panels and they F because that’s that

was the long tale I know you’re talking you haven’t introduced that term yet but the longtail on the SEO is all those

other words CNC Machining of you know cosmetic display panels Co in the

cockpit right so so that’s that’s applicable to job shops right everyone

specializes in a certain thing that is a perfect and again so and you weren’t violating anybody’s design or anything

like that right because all you were seeing is like we were’re promoting your Preparatory process we’re not violating

any anybody’s we’re not hurting anybody’s feeling we’re not violating the drawing we’re not violating a design

we’re focusing on your process Paul that is an absolute perfect example okay so

now and say that again what was what was the term that you had uh cockpit display panels cockpit keypads cockpit keypads

there was all sorts of different keywords that we use so you could have web pages designed about that and maybe you know if we had if we were doing an

SEO uh jam session we would be geeking out on that let me just show you an example here on this page of what’s

going on like how are we really CRA you know attacking those search engines and letting Google know hey Google this is

what we’re experts in this is why we would love we would be honored for you to put us on first page rankings okay we

have a description here now the description maybe we’re speaking to soulmate purchasing page Paige isn’t the

geeky engineer she’s not taking a deep dive she’s just been handed like hey Paige go buy these so we want to speak

like a softer ler language to page so we’re not going over her head we want to speak her language right but then let me

go to the next page uh that’s a description when I go here to Specs now we are speaking to engineering Ernie or

engineering Elsa we’re going to geek out on like what your you know whether it’s uh you know uh cockp pick design

products or ground straps or again whatever product that you make let’s geek out and speak engineer to engineer

video video video man I can encourage invite you welcome you enough to you

should be putting videos on your website now if you guys are doing videos one thing little tip here if you’re taking

notes I love Vimeo YouTube I Love YouTube I love you to death I love that

Google owns YouTube I want to put all my videos on YouTube for search but on my own website I love Vimeo why because we

don’t have all those ads and I know know about you guys Paul I had that shiny object syndrome we like three ads later

I completely forgot what web page I’m on we want to keep people on your page jot yourself a note if you are doing videos

and I encourage you and beg you plead with you to have videos on your website consider using Vimeo okay if you’re G to

use vid if you are doing videos this is a tip that I discover a lot of people don’t take advantage of uh man I do also

I do multiple videos every week Paul was just on my program the other day Paul we have a nice video with you and I’m going

to be linking back to Pro Shop from we post your video on Twitter Facebook

LinkedIn YouTube Vimeo and you’re going to be getting all sorts of Juicy backlink Juice coming back to Pro Shop

Erp Paul why are backlinks so important for SEO because the search engines see

those and they give more more ranking to the pages that have those links absolutely so now all right Kur you’re

talking over my head what on Earth is a backlink it is not scientific it is not high-tech whatsoever you just see that

link right there so we have a video of our ground strap this link is going back

to the Falcon electronics website and specifically to that product if you’re doing a how-to video on your Preparatory

process on your product whatever I find enormous amount of our customers clients

are not putting those links in there absolutely and it’s just simply just copy and paste the link of your website

drop it on your social media wherever it is get people to go back to your website it’s good for SEO it’s good for your

customer it’s good for your soulmate to find you great little tip there please take advantage of that Paul I’m going to show you I’m going to go Offroad you

guys how we doing on time what are we doing on we got about 20 minutes left yeah all right let’s do I’m gonna show

you guys this is a funny example here okay so this example here I’m gonna open so I had a client they are a forging

company do you guys did I you know what Paul do do you know forging do you know foring of course right have you ever

heard of upset forging I have not heard of that I had never in my life I’m 53

years old I had never heard of upset foraging before I have a client and they do upset foraging so I want to we want

to party like it’s two Like It’s 1999 right so this was uh I work with many

MEPS I was working with the Purdue University MEP that’s a manufacturing extension Partnership if you are a

manufacturer I encourage invite you welcome you contact your local me

manufacturing extension partnership they’re a great resource for manufacturers but we were working with this foraging company and they’re

competing with China and so they were like you know hey we want to come up on search and our soulmate would type made

in America made in USA upset 4G and just for Giggles the day that I met them I’m

like I really want to work with this client so I did this example so I want to I want to show you the power of video

and I’m putting myself out there because I don’t know if it’s going to work or not let’s see if it if it works let’s see let me try it oh maybe it’s gone let

me hang on one second bear with me everybody bear with me one second

Google rankings are so finicky oh yeah they they change algorithms change all the time so here’s so here’s what’s

here’s what happened they changed it but so this was back in March but check this out so I that day I went to a website

and I found a website that had that said uh upset forging I put on my zoom I recorded it

and I’m just reading the recording on what is upset forging so I’m just sitting so if you can’t sleep at night

if you if you have insomnia if you watch this video it will put you to sleep like that the next day within 24 hours I had

first page ranking on Google so this was I did it on March 8th on at at in the evening March 9th I had firstpage

ranking for made in America upset forging and made in USA upset forging for this video right here okay so my

point is now the video’s just sat there so it looks like maybe Google caught wind and like Hey we’re getting Curt out of there but the point is your video

opportunity if you have a unique what Paul described as a long key word longtail it’s called that means like

four or five words I bend metal for something I cut steel for something I do

electrical ground straps I make custom design what were they again cockpit cockpit Des pan right display panels

whatever your keyword is do a Google search if you don’t see a lot of ads if you don’t see a lot of products you

don’t see a lot of videos that is a golden opportunity for you your company to capture those first page rankings or

to least get in the game and again if you are interested we have a website say audit and we can help you with that okay

all right let’s go back to the program Paul let’s go back here you know what I’m actually I’m going to wind down here I’m going to leave time for questions

I’m going to start winding down if there’s if anybody had any questions I know I flew through Thing by things

really fast I want to leave uh I want to leave 15 minutes here for questions I’m not going anywhere I would love to

address any questions what I have here here’s my tagline Paul make them feel

like Einstein make them feel like the smartest person in the room and uh that digital self service is just absolutely

critical so with that man I’m going to I’m going to pause I know everybody’s super busy but if there’s any questions

uh please please I don’t know can they come off mute or just drop it in the chat box uh they can drop it in the Q&A

or the chat but I have a question yes um how do

people um decide what keyword what longtail keywords they should focus on

like are there tools they can use to like I have what you know what search

rankings are the the volume of search is I have another funny example for everybody and I’m GNA so I so I’m doing

an SEO program tomorrow at Illinois the iMac uh iMac the Illinois MEP so okay

you guys can see this slide let’s go here for a second okay when you’re doing your keyword

strategy this is so important Paul I have major background Envy rate I you

know I’m I’m I hate to tell you dude I like I have this man crushed but I’m like I’m envious of you of a lot of things you know but look at this

background you have I need some I need some Pro Shop swag look how boring this is right so if I want to put up like a

an American flag or little Pro Shop something I’m G to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and I’m gonna say hey man now

what’s my problem my problem is I have a naked wall my solution is I need to put

a hole in a wall I need to go to Home Depot to buy the drill right so what’s my Google search going to be what am I

thinking here’s a pop quiz who here knows what the cardboard thing

that goes around a cup of Paul do you drink coffee by any chance occasionally yeah yeah you’re in Bellingham you got

to drink the be right Northwest who out there knows the name of the little cardboard thingy that goes around a cup

of coffee does any pop quiz you know what I have a book if you guys anybody gets Gary you and Gary Wood doesn’t

count because he knows the answer but if anybody knows the answer here you get a free book how’s that but you guys Z

sleeve it’s called a zarf zarf good job Brandon Brandon got it Brandon I’ll send

you a books got it I’m sending you a book it’s called a zarf so here’s the thing Paul if you and I are

manufacturing Zars and I’m like Paul I’m telling you dude every person on the planet is typing the word zarf you’re

like Kurt nobody knows what the word zarf is what they’re thinking is I don’t want to burn my fingers today what we’re

thinking as a manufacturer is oh no it’s a coffee sleeve it’s the cardboard thingy they guy that founded it in 1991

man I wish I was him because he’s probably a gazillionaire by now he called it the Java jacket so with your

keyword strategy what is so important I put out a blog post just a few weeks ago Paul and the title of the blog post is

are we zaring our customers and I can’t tell you so how many of my clients are like hey we you

know we’ve been metal we know that they’re typing you know I need metal bent they’re not thinking that they’re

thinking I need a tie rod I need a torque Rod I you know they’re thinking of the solution we’re thinking of

ourselves right yeah yeah good point um there are a couple questions in here

Tyler says is this something that we can do on our own with some guidance of course or is it something you recommend

Outsourcing so uh take me deeper on that one is it are we talking SEO e-commerce

as a whole what do you think yeah um feel free to elaborate on that Tyler in

the chat if you want to um but I would presume yeah trying to get better organic search drinking yeah so okay so

what we do is I’ll tell you and and depending on what state you’re and you said Tyler right yeah in Washington he’s

in Washington okay what I would encourage you to do is maybe contact impact Washington impact Washington is

your MEP that’s a manufacturing extension partnership as a matter of fact I’m doing a webinar tomorrow just for a shamess plug it’s free do I have

it up here I don’t have it up here I’m doing a webinar tomorrow grab the URL and drop it in the chat and um and all

right this is iMac and um let me see what we’re doing tomorrow SEO Made Simple so if you guys

I’m doing a deeper dive now I G now I gave you guys my my uh I gave you guys my uh zarf you know so you can’t ruin

the surprise tomorrow if you come if you come to the program so what I would encourage you to guys to do so here’s

this is the um this is the webinar tomorrow if you guys didn’t get enough of me today and where’s the we have a

couple more question questions while we’re while you drop that in the chat you know I’m not the chat box isn’t

popping up for me for some reason put it

in should be there type um I’m putting it in the answer to to Taylor Tyler’s question

okay all right what what other questions we got uh if you make multiple products should you have product M should you

produce multiple dedicated websites or is it better to have one larger Master website that is an awesome question who

who POS that Daryl darl darl D phenomenal question I face that

frequently man my default is always it is so hard to get ranking for one

website let alone multiple websites I strongly encourage you if possible to do

one now if your product whatever it is is just you know so diverse that it doesn’t make sense to have multiple or

to have everything on one website then absolutely you know do multiple but I if

if if possible I always always suggest recommend doing one y Paul real quick

you ask are there tools I love Google Keyword Planner why do I love Google

Keyword Planner it is completely free now when you go to sign up you’re gonna be like hey Kurt wait a minute Google’s

asking me to put in a credit card Google’s goingon to ask you to put in a credit card but to attack I man we geek

out hard on Google Keyword Planner so this is a great way to discover are you

zar your customers or what are some other keywords that your customer indeed is typing Paul what other question yes

um let’s see and I will uh yeah just to further on that that question Daryl um

like on our site and actually I wanted I think I’m gonna maybe in a minute I’m going to share my screen um because I

found that site that page on our website where I talk about those panels

um uh but um yeah having little having just sub pages that um are really

focused on those those um dedicated product lines um where you have really

keyword-rich uh stuff and pictures and videos about those products um you know all linking off from your main website

would be uh the strategy I would suggest um uh let’s see here uh Brandon asks we

actually took our website down due to it not being what we specialized in anymore and need to create a new website aside

from website audits do you help design websites for manufacturers or do you recommend a designer we so great

question and again if you want to go offline uh um I’d be happy to connect see I think got my email in here where

is it okay right here so yes uh what I do what my specialty is I work with MEP

so first off I love connecting folks with MEPS why because the MEP network is

that’s where federal funds come in and they help manufacturers okay so I’ll just I’ll stop on that but what they do

is since covid the MEPS have been doing an amazing job helping manufacturers

with web design rebuilds e-commerce configurators SEO strategies All the

Above So Brandon I uh I’m I I this is what I do I’m passionate about it I would love to have a conversation with

you kind of diagnose where you’re at and then I quarterback it and then I would get you in the right corner of who would

be the best resource to help you with a new website redesign so if that I would be Happ I’d be honest and is it the case

that the that the MEPS in the various states can help augment some of the cost to defer you know yes help with of that

there there’s an enormous amount and I can’t speak for every state Paul but the MEPS that I’m working with uh so I’m in

New York so I I work with the MEPS in New York uh Indiana is a Purdue MEP imch is Illinois me your way is impact

Washington the Alaska me and every one of them have since covid has had funding

opportunities to help manufacturers and anybody out there I’d be happy to connect you with your local p and have

that conversation I can’t guarantee it but I am seeing it uh frequently and we’re seeing it as well on the software

side oftentimes they’ll have training grants and things that can help reduce the cost of doing something like an Erp

implementation I’ll grab their website as well so this is it’s it’s under nist so it’s nist Mi uh me and what you can

do is you can just go here and you can as a matter of fact if you go rate let’s see MEP national network if you go here

and and I think if you go down here towards the bottom okay here this is the here here’s

the map right here so what you can do is you can find your MEP and we can get you connected and have a conversation cor

and I’ll drop that in the I’m typing it in the Q&A answers for some reason that chat box isn’t coming up so again guys

strongly encourage you reach out to your local MEP okay um and I’ll convey those into

the chat um uh zanen asks um what are the best social

media platforms to link back to Machining services on website great question Paul and how

about if we answer this one together my top two LinkedIn and YouTube what what what what’s your

opinion yeah um yep um I know Instagram is also quite effective uh at times

there’s a there’s a lot of Machining companies that that share on Instagram and um I know that they’ve I mean one of

my guests on my machine shop Mastery podcast just uh couple weeks ago she

posts pictures on Instagram and she has definitely found customers that were browsing Instagram reached out dm’d her

said hey we have a we want to get you to quote on something yeah and uh there’s a

an amazing group I don’t know if you’ve ever been a host of the the manufacturing Twitter group the USA

manufacturing Twitter hour on Thursdays so if you go um the hashtag is uh gosh

I’m going to butcher the hashtag but every single Thursday 2 o’clock Eastern 11 o’clock Pacific there is a on Twitter

there’s a manufacturing group it’s through our mutual friend Dan bigger is the founder um if you connect with uh

gosh what can I do let me connect you guys if you connect with Dan bigger on LinkedIn he um it’s it’s a raving group

of like manufacturers all over the country every week and they’re just they’re chatting about different conversations different problems

different uh challenges so I guess you know my top for me personally top two are LinkedIn and Twitter in uh YouTube

but as Paul just said Instagram is a great one and Twitter is also a there’s a vibrant manufacturing community on

Twitter excellent um let’s see here I think that is all

the questions right now if you have another one please send it in

um I would love to uh share my screen here for a second just uh I was digging

around the the Wayback machine um a little more while you’re talking here and uh so let me share this let’s

see screen number three so um that’s coming across so you

know not again Wayback machine not all the pictures everything is coming through properly but this was um the sub

page where we were talking about all these panels displays bezels all the

different key frames you know edgelit panels we use all these keywords and then pictures some of these are not

coming through um but uh you know cabin interior components and and this was a

highly effective page for us we got a lot of traffic um you know and then we had this call to action uh this is from

2011 so it evolved over the years got a little prettier than the ugly first

websites but um yeah this is kind of the idea and you know today I would have put videos on this as well um I would have

put some customer testimonials right here um as well as a little social proof

um oh actually I did look at that there’s some there’s some testimonials so taking my own advice 10

12 years ago well done man that is imp that’s impressive and that’s the thing is like

you know you guys you’re all Experts of what you do and the problem is you know sometimes it’s hard to step out of you

know what we do you know uh one of my partners her name is wesle she’s a B2B sales Guru and she gives a Perfect

Analogy she’s like if somebody if I had to describe what I do in my morning routine

when I walk out to my car and start the car for somebody that’s never driven a car before it’s really hard like I open

the door I like it’s you know somebody’s saying like Hey how do you get in this thing right while you take this hand

like you know again like say somebody’s never seen a car before well you know what you do your superpower your

expertise what you guys do all day every day it’s hard for us to step out it’s like driving the car and like speak that

Lang language to your ideal buyer and as as uh Paul’s pointing out that is those

are great opportunities for you to capture keywords provide that information and to get those rankings on

Google on every vacation I’m GNA drop in the chat that that um thing about the

car I’ve there’s this video about how to make a peanut butter sandwich yeah which

is so perfect it is it is exactly that thing like which do you put the bread end to end do you put it face to face

like do you put the peanut butter on the outside you know so definitely check out that peanut butter sandwich video um but

it really speaks to the point of uh what you were just saying there y absolutely so any other any other questions I I can

stick around I’d I’d like everybody feeling good about the conversation that we had uh let’s see someone here I just

gone to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 uh Small Business program and we had to write a process for making a PBJ and it

wasn’t easy yeah Brandon that’s yeah exactly so interesting um can this be

rewatched John schaer says yes John we will absolutely have this on our website probably by tomorrow maybe even later

today um and we will email you the link because you registered and um so yes

thank you John um awesome well Kurt you delivered

bigger and better than I would have ever expected you have just such an incredible energy and expertise at this

um there is another question right here if you were to recommend a first step forward what would it be yeah man okay

so very broad is that darl that’s darl yeah Rob thank you and as you guys are

hopping off I’m G be mindful of everybody’s time Nick Kyle everybody Nico man I wish you guys monster success

thank you for joining us here today you know i’ love to connect with you Paul would love to connect with you we’re very passionate about helping

manufacturers win succeed that’s what we eat breathe drink sleep that’s why we’re put on this planet so man we wish you

guys monster success and really thank you for taking time to join us today darl my uh you know I would love I need

a little bit more information but like you know uh Tyler says thank you I would

you know combination of things number one just get started you know don’t try to eat the elephant I would like try to

get started uh what we do is so my Jam what I I do workshops training webinars

with uh universities MEPS as I’ve mentioned this is what I this is what I do first and foremost exactly what I

just said man kiss know your customer if you haven’t done a deep dive in at buyer Persona I actually have a

worksheet on my website uh if you guys want to connect with me I will email you I have a free worksheet on how to create

that buyer Persona so I have that available for you next I would like how do you make that great first web

pression try to look at your website Through The Eyes of that soulmate and then number three Niche down till it

hurts and then let’s start working on a keyword strategy uh you know how do you make that great first web pression so

exactly what I described that’s how this is our training program Gary Wood my friend you’ve gone through our training

so you know what what it’s like so and and again Paul we have fun man we have a good time at our training we awesome

well thank you Kurt so much appreciate it thank you to all of you for joining especially my dad nice to see you here

thanks Dad and uh yeah this has been a it’s been a blast and super informative I

definitely learned some stuff I think we’re going to go do a couple tweaks on our own website so thank you Kurt I really appreciate buddy thank you

brother I appreciate you guys have an awesome day everybody all right take care everyone

bye bye

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