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all right welcome everyone so my name is

paul with proshop and i’m

real pleased to be talking today with

chris townsend of eagle manufacturing

and mitch olsen from olson custom


um they are both in near indianapolis

and mitch is a customer of ours chris

townsend is a customer of ours as well

um i’d love for you guys to introduce

yourself in a minute but

we’re on this call because mitch you

reached out to say hey we’re looking for


for new employees and chris is training

students in cnc machining and


and you’re hoping to possibly recruit

them so mitch if you could start by

uh introducing yourself yeah i’m mitch

olsen with olson custom designs

we’re a cnc machining and fabrication

shop located in

we like to kind of brag about which uh

helps recruit uh

what we like to think of as the younger

workforce and um

we got about 14 machines on the floor

right now

and roughly 35 to 40 employees over


three shifts and um we’re always

continually looking to recruit new


and i got the idea of pro shops

marketing with uh

eagle manufacturing through their uh

through their website and i thought i’d

reach out to paul and see if we could

make a connection and uh

start maybe a new pipeline of recruiting


the uh towns the high school down

just south of us that’s i love that so

much when i got that email it just

totally made my day

so i immediately yeah put you in touch

with chris so chris why don’t you tell

us a little bit about your program

yeah my name is chris townsend i’m one

of the advisors for eagle manufacturing

here at

brown county high school in nashville

indiana we have a student-run

manufacturing business housed here in

the high school

that it we have about 27 students

involved this year and we

offer services in cnc machining

programming engineering design and also

in graphics technology so we do

promotional materials for businesses you

know banners signs things like that

and our business is completely run by

students uh the only adults involved in

the program are

myself and another advisor for the


all of our positions from sales to

marketing to

our graphics and manufacturing manager

and all of our production roles

shipping and receiving and invoicing are


filled by students so they complete all

of that work and get a little bit of

real world experience at the high school

level before they graduate and

move on to their post-secondary

education or the workforce

awesome um and yeah shameless plug for

eagle you know you guys make

all of our all of our gear our hoodies

our shirts

i think you even have a keychain there

in front of you don’t you that you guys

came for us yeah we are

working on those right now so yeah so

not only do they use proshot but we’re

one of their machining customers and

graphics customers and you guys have

been amazing at that

so any companies watching if you need

promotional gear

chris chris and his students are

definitely uh can definitely hook you up

um well i just i i think this is so

great you guys i know

mitch i imagine like most machine shops

recruiting is kind of hard there’s not


people with the talent and the skills

and the interests that are into the

industry so

i imagine you know any student that’s

coming out of a program like this

that has some practical experience

actually programming and setting up jobs

and running parts

they gotta start as a more valuable

employee for you imagine yeah

absolutely and we’ve had a lot of

success with a lot of kids coming out of

the vocational schools

and um you know our company like i

mentioned before being

kind of technology heavy has helped

recruit younger

the younger the younger generation of


so um yeah just a lot of success and um

i would imagine any any student that

took the initiative to join chris’s

chris’s class down at eagle is going to

have that uh

good work ethic and all the basic check

marks that somebody would need to

be a good employee and then just uh

polish it off with any any training and

any head start that they could have gave


i think we’d be we could really utilize

their skill sets here

that’s fantastic um well i know you guys

will connect and start

some visits and some discussions but i

just wanted to thank you both so much

for uh

the roles that you’re doing um i think

it’s great to

make these connections and for any other

shop owners or managers listening

definitely get involved in your local

programs like this

i know personally for proshop we’d love

to work with more schools

we’ve been pushing that on social media

so if you have a local you know tech


that uh that we can help support donate

our software to

we’d love to do that as well so anyway

thank you guys both so much for today

and uh

look forward to you guys hearing some

good stories about students coming over

to ocd

absolutely all right take care guys


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