ProShop Holiday Special: A Year in Review
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welcome everybody since we no place to go welcome to December holiday

Extravaganza special webinar man it screaming

in that suck is cranked up may I that is that a little better little better all

right awesome first time I’ve ever done music on a zoom webinar

so first technical fail of the day hopefully got the first the only technical fail out of the out of the way

welcome everyone we are so excited to have you here thank you so much for joining us um welcome Allan and Austin

and Ben and Bob and Brandon and Brandy and Braden and Bri there’s a lot of B names Casey and Charlie and David and

Emily oh my gosh it just goes on and on Jim Carter good to see you here Justin

Justin Quinn Karen h hello Carl awesome this is so fantastic wait how do we get

floating hearts there’s floating hearts happening there’s floating hearts happening wow that’s amaz the love is

Flowing um as always would love to start with you CH putting in the chat where

you are starting where you are joining us from I know there is a ton of people

from all over the country nation and World probably there we go everyone can see that Costa Mesa Texas Eugene Oregon

hello Ben for those that don’t know Ben is actually my

dad all right um let’s keep moving we have a very action-packed day so we are

going to keep this moving along how about we um Style the music let’s turn the music off now that’s a great idea

yeah all right or dial it back you know we can I think off is perfect perfect

all right so this is our wonderful panel um and we’re gonna be joining by several

customers as well later um thank you those customers that are joining us 10 of them I think are joining us today to

share their their their years um or some wins from their year um so yes say hello

everybody good morning hello good morning all right happy December yes it

is that time of year okay and next we are going to a message yeah so I thought

what a lovely way to start our webinar today and this quote was beautiful so I thought I’d share it that appreciation

can make a day even change a life your willingness to put it into words is all that is

necessary um I know our leadership team regularly practices an attitude of gratitude um and Kelsey maybe you’d like

to start us off with some of your thoughts and feelings around that line oh wow yeah you know um it’s uh it’s

somewhat shocking to me sometimes when people think like maybe we’re going a little too far with telling people that

we care or telling people that we think they’re doing a good job or even just telling people that we’re feeling good

this morning and things are things are on the right track for us and it’s so funny because even though I think we

have that a little bit programmed in I have yet to find a situation where truly

it’s actually too much people are genuine about it and not every day is a good day let’s celebrate the ones that

are going great the ones that we can appreciate and I feel like that’s a

that’s an attitude and a and a culture that everyone can benefit from so in terms of you know appreciating and

gratitude I certainly have lots for our team and our clients and some of the

amazing people we get to interact with all the time so thank you all and uh I’ll pass it on to Paul thanks buddy

that was beautiful um my main message is that I am just incredibly grateful for the trust um in all of our clients and

our team for joining us on this crazy Incredible Journey trying to support the manufacturing sector and our economies

and uh just the amazing stuff that we can do when we work together and and uh put our brains together so and our

hearts together so and I’ll pass it off to Zach yeah I’m I’m just so thankful for

the environment I get to work in like working with all the people internally like uh people don’t really get to see

it on the outside but it is a fantastic environment I trust and love all the people I work with as much as I love all

the clients I get work with it is truly an amazing experience uh I to interact

with all the amazing people and I’m truly grateful for the job we do and uh

just super happy to be here and Adrian maybe I’ll pass it on to you next lovely thank you well I I don’t

really even know how to build on everything that uh has been said because I agree wholeheartedly and I think one

of the things that I would want to start with is just how privileged I feel to work with everybody here and also I get

to interview people from all over the world and I think at Christmas time at the holidays it’s nice to remember that

most of the people a vast majority of the people I get to meet are really good people and I think it’s important that

you know given the time that we’re at right now that we remember that there’s a lot of good people out there doing a

lot of good things so and with that I will pass it back to Paul all right well

next on our time here is we’re going to do a raffle um so we

we have two Raffles one right now and one at the end um and this is just for

registering so uh our winner today is Stephanie Meyers so Stephanie um

congratulations we’ll send you a $25 gift card and thank you so much for uh

joining and registering today all right let’s get into some of the

highlights so this was an action-packed year for sure after a couple of years

years of not being able to travel we were out in full force our team was going on ons sites we were taking our

team members to visit shops and learn about uh like here in the middle some of our developers learning about machine

shops um we were all over from Colorado to Arkansas to Florida here’s Adrien and

the customers down in news down in Australia um here’s Michael down in

Louisiana um it was just I think this is also in Australia um so just so many

wonderful visits it’s really inspiring to see the incredible dedication to these companies that these shop owners

and entrepreneurs have um and it’s not lost on me that a lot of them are putting you know their livelihoods on

the line you know mortgaging their homes uh trying to follow their passion and their dream of starting manufacturing

company and it’s just incredibly inspiring to see that so uh it’s uh yeah

been just incredible year um we’ve also had clients host other

clients or would be clients so um uh people opening their shops to tours for

other for other wouldbe customers a pro shop which has been very heartwarming and wonderful um and some parties as well

went to an incredible Crawfish Boil down in Louisiana with the folks at Coastal machine just incredible company up here

in New York just just a couple weeks ago with Ripley machine right on the edge of the lake and uh just yeah uh just

wonderful wonderful stuff so um it’s it’s it’s great to actually be able to get out and travel again so and also

imts happened right kelse oh my gosh did it happen holy cow yeah it’s uh it’s

clear by the flood of orange I’m also slightly partial to Orange I have a Dutch Heritage every time I see orange

I’m like whoa it’s happening uh but yeah it was amazing at imts it was so great

to have the ambassadors in our booth and just to get to connect with those people um that was an incredible experience it

was pretty fullon we had a crazy Booth uh for those of you were that were there and wishing that we had a little more

bandwidth uh heard you on that one to be able to talk with some of our clients but there was a lot of great activity

and so much uh contribution and participation by uh so many people including some of your wonderful

customers it was just uh fantastic and it certainly showed us uh how much

energy and how much you know thirst there is for continuing to Modern ize

and improve manufacturing all over and specifically in digital spaces so pretty

excited about how imts went a lot of great personal connections and actually

one of our partners asked me did you have like a pre-plan that would that would build that would make success for

imts and I said you know there’s a ton of things that we wanted to get out of it but probably one of the biggest and

and certainly happened for us was for all of us to make those personal connections both on our our team and uh

outside of the booth also working together in and then also to make those relationships happen at our happy hour

and other places I got to meet some really fantastic people and learn a lot about them and uh that was that was

enough if that’s all we got from imts which it certainly wasn’t that would have been enough imts rocked yeah it was

a wonderful time and we did lots of other webinar or lots of other conferences including this one

completely yeah I was going to say that wasn’t even unique that isn’t unique to MTS we um so enjoy connecting and seeing

all of you at many conferences we attend throughout the year um we were excited to have some conference first in the

team like Aubra and our sales and marketing team so shout out to Aubra who’s actually helping run uh today’s

presentations uh she had a conference first and it’s nothing like a defense conference to kick off being your first

I think by the time we got into supply chain updates for the space sector both of our eyes were the size of saucers uh

it was a bit intense but also really fascinating so it’s great to see all of you out at conferences and we look forward to more in the upcoming year

absolutely and we also did some fun after hours stuff uh we hosted our very

first uh happy hour ourselves first client event um looking look forward to

another client event next year but you know spending time after hours over a drink and just talking about life and

and uh things outside of work is some of the best connection time so thank you for all of those that uh that joined us

for those yeah there were just many many um including some race cars that’s not H

that’s not that’s not happy hour but I was sure happy to check out that race car this is a client down here in

Washington um their this this car their dad built that for their covid project

and uh that there’s two young two young kids in their early 20s um uh TNC

Concepts and they just decided to start a machine shop and uh they’re actually a Sprint car Racers themselves that’s how

they got into the manufacturing and sort of space so just yeah the stories behind

all the all the companies is just so inspiring and so cool for me um I was welcomed uh you know going to some

dinner shows uh some uh ntma conferences which join ntma if you’re not a part of

it it’s just fantastic um so yeah it was wonderful times and got to meet uh client number

seven who is now on our team as uh as also um maybe this is an announcement to

the world um uh he’s going to be heading up our Pro Shop Oceana office so we have

opened an office in Australia um along with our offices in the US and Canada so

with close to 30 customers there um we figured it was time to uh to put a permanent presence in Australia so

looking forward to supporting that part of the world more and more on that in a little bit uh a little bit one funny

story or great story about this Adrian and I were on this little hike up here in Bellingham uh both with our shirts on

as you can see and we ran across another hiker that was actually a customer of ours it was totally random it was just

kind of amazing um and uh we even just geeked out on Pro Shop for a few minutes so it was it was

fantastic uh but I don’t I think this is the best slide of the whole show Kelsey why don’t you take this one over oh my

God yes I every time I look at this slide we’ve been over it a couple times I’m just like

ah so cute tiny little babies with Pro Shop hoodies on or Pro Shop onesies on

just absolutely incredible I uh I’m really uh glad to welcome these kids

into the world and hopefully um we’re doing our pieces to make it a better

place for them um we were joking about this being the graduating class of 2040

you’re like whoa 2040 isn’t that like way in the future like nope these kids

weren’t born last year and they’re going to graduate in 2040 so welcome to these

three in particular um these are uh folks on our team who have recently had

new babies so I’m really stoked that uh that these kids get to grow up with us

uh helping them along the way yes and Dwayne those are not in the merch store yet but we are working on a merch store

so please do stay tuned for that that’ll be powered by Pro Shop site so um and

these folks hopefully may join our team in the future but um but uh Adrien why

don’t you talk about the people that actually did join this year lovely I had the same thought Paul how can we recruit

them start them early right um so for anyone who I haven’t met yet I’m Adrian you’ve heard earlier that I’m the head

of HR and just so excited to meet everyone and and to spend some time with you what a treat um so I get to talk to

you about our amazing team and the things that have happened with um Pro Shop up this past year and in in past

years even before that so this year we grew nearly 45% and so that equates to

about 22 new people in oddly enough the year 2022 um and at the start of the pandemic

I thought it’ be interesting just for sort of comparison we had 26 people uh in March of 2020 and now we’re at 66 and

we’ve actually only lost about four people to other opportunities so that’s one of the things that I think we’re intensely proud of is our retention

rates and just how we hear from people all the time that this is a great place to work that really uh means a lot to me

and um and I know that means a lot to the rest of the senior leaders as well so another feature of the team that I’m

intensely proud of is that we have about 33% women on our team and just for

comparison sake um the industry average in in the tax Bas is 18% and even lower

in manufacturing so I feel really good about that as well we have employees in nine states States three provinces and

five countries and uh these are the beautiful faces of everybody who we have

added in the last year um one of the things that I think is really exciting is that we’ve added folks across the

company right so we’ve got six new folks on the dev team helping of course with product development bug fixes feature

requests all of that five new folks to the implementation team to help us deal with the increased volume we’ve got

three new folks on the client um support team to help with Inc coming tickets so hopefully that’s very good news for any

of you who have submitted a ticket um and as we look to 23 I am particularly

excited about the addition of Heather mckendry who I think is on the call she is an amazing training and development

um expert and she’s going to really help us upskill all 66 of our folks and uh

any anyone else that we end up hiring and with that I will wish everyone a wonderful holiday and hand it back to

Paul thank you Adrian and yeah I just feels my heart to see all these beautiful people and know how they’re

impacting our clients um and each other so this year we launched uh or

relaunched possibly um a brand new Total new platform client Forum um it’s been

so wonderful to see the collaboration and the help that clients are giving one

another um giving advice it’s got it’s gotten into topics totally unrelated to Pro Shop you know what are you using for

this Coolin or this this this CMM machine what do you recommend and um

just one of the things that always um that always seems present in this

industry is just the incredible willingness to help you know when I’m in other forums other you know other groups

online you know and someone asks a question there’s dozens or hundreds of people sometimes that just volunteer

answers to to share so um this the the whole concept that we’re all in this together is just so strong um in our

forum and in the industry so that is great stuff and we are next

going to Lacy to talk about some features I am so excited on the product

side we were able to release a 100 plus new features this year and that’s really due to the incredible talents of our

development design QA and the teams that extensively Test new features before we

roll them out um those uh features included updates to our user interface

in the areas of uh changes and updates to our operation Pages our cards Pages

uh with new grid displays if you haven’t seen that in your sites because it’s coming in 519 uh version 519 which is

rolling out this month to our client base super excited there uh we had updates to our login screens to some of

our key dashboards we added new notifications and War warnings throughout workflows so that uh we make

sure users know exactly what they should be focusing on and what they need to be doing in a moment we added buttons to

ensure users are taking full advantage of core functionality in key areas uh we

added additional attribute Fields query extras uh improvements to access level controls additional time tracking time

clock behaviors trying to get all of this into two slides was manic uh new integration offerings we really excited

to partner with paperless Parts this year um we had new part and drawing rev updates I mean I could go on 100 plus

hard to fit into two sides um if for our clients that are joining today if you didn’t catch Paul and I webinar last

month we go through a lot of those features so tune in on our uh our help site there too and then a very exciting

slide uh we have upcoming features to look for uh in upcoming year we have our

Pro our production release of Pro Shop Safe um and additional file classification features coming with that

product um we are very excited to have a 3D parts model viewer uh coming in uh in

next year additional modules for CSV importing into you’ve asked for them and

we are delivering so invoices bills work order inspection results that’s right I said work order inspection results very

exciting raise the room that’s not popular or anything no we have design updates coming forward on the production

homepage on the navigation bars on menus throughout the site um we have additional accounting integration

offerings so for those of us they’d be really uh I think time difference we might not see a lot of our Australian clients on today’s webinar but for them

uh I know they’ve been asking for zero integration and we are working feverishly to get that out uh and

available we have new inspection frequency per Dimension uh features with visual warnings and recommendations

based on part counts so that uh those that are inspecting know the level that

they should be inspecting to and where they are in that process we have scheduling enhancements and we’re going to further leverage our API custom links

and custom viewer applications so I am so excited for the year ahead I hope you are too there is so much more but they

only gave me one slide so we left it that Lacy you’re very good at you know trying not to overcommit Lacy and I were

reviewing this slide she’s like true you know all of these are pretty much in the next version I don’t want to commit to

anything that’s not already like you know already well on its way well there you go you don’t have to commit to next

December Lacy this is this is coming out thank you yeah thank you back over to

you Paul thank you um and for those that don’t know Lacy used to be on our implementation team and joined the

development team as a sort of business analyst helping us refine all the client demands and needs and and and internal

and build build them into beautiful tickets that the dev Keem can just take and run with and she’s been absolutely

incredible with it so Lacy unscripted but I just wanted to share that that’s been such a impact to all of us AB now

we get to share some wins from our customers so we are going to bring up um

and I hopefully this is happening on the back end um uh many I think about 10

customers um so we have only about a minute a piece um and uh so let’s

without further Ado let’s bring up um the first one so do we have Tyler with

us Tyler’s with us yep ready to go hey Tyler thank you for joining yeah thanks

thanks for the uh opportunity and good morning everybody um so yeah we recently

had our Boeing procurement agent um pay us a visit and before he paid us a visit

he sent me an email with like 20 different things that he wanted to take a look at and uh Pro Shop was able to

handle like was able to quickly get an answer for about you know I I would say

90 to 95% of the questions that he was asking and so I I ran those reports um I

put them into a little slideshow presentation and uh was was reviewing

that slideshow presentation with him and uh he you know he was asking even more

questions while we’re were going through the presentation and it was really cool because I I just popped open Pro Shop

and we just started going through it and uh he he was very impressed um the other

people that were with him too he had some other uh procurement agents that had actually worked in machine shops

were very impressed uh by how available all of this information was and um after

after our uh after our visit his visit he said that he wanted to use us as a as

an example of what he thinks small machine shops should look like and that he also wanted us to uh get started

on um the past to becoming I think it’s called a Premiere bidder but it’s like a

special list of suppliers within Boeing that get preferential treatment so it

was uh it it it it went really well um we were all really nervous because we’re

a small company and we kind of fly under the radar a lot of the time being a small company but you know we had the

big Boeing come over pay us to visit and they were pretty happy with what they saw wow that is so fantastic Tyler

congratulations to you and I know you’ve put in a lot of hard work on your company so that’s just amazing so

grateful that we can help you do that thank you so much for sharing we’re gonna move on thank you so much happy

holidays all right Mr Cody come on up and say hello yep hey

everyone um thanks to the the whole Pro Shop team for letting me speak on this

um for us uh since about I guess May or June we decided to just really double down and uh Implement processes to make

sure ontime delivery stays above 90% and make sure it never drops down so um the

end of the third quarter we finally got it above 90% um more specifically last month it was 99% UMD yes um in a high

mix low volume shop all while increasing Revenue 35% this year uh from last year

yeah so awesome everyone um and we just we implemented the processes and the tasks

and everything and um really utilized Pro Shop to make sure it never never drops down again so everything’s great

been great that is that is huge

congratulations I was gonna say for those of you using Pro Shops on time delivery 99% is tough that’s that’s not

like oh yeah you know this whole customer gave us 99% that’s a hard Road good work that’s really impressive yeah

awesome well thank you Cody I appreciate you sharing that happy holidays to you and next up we have Mitch from ziki

welcome Mitch you here with us didn’t see his video but let me see

we can always jump back if we need to yeah how about we how about we jump

DNE I am back sorry about that hey Mitch yeah hi hi so wow 22 has been a great

year for for us it sounds like it has been for everyone and U uh we like like a lot of shops in

especially this Aerospace sector and um where where work is plentiful we have

you know Revenue has has grown significantly headcount has grown and our greatest challenge has just been

keeping the Train on the track and executing well and um it really forced

us to take a deeper dive into Pro shoping maybe some of the features and functions functionality that we have U

Taken full advantage of in the past we have certainly uh delved into that now

and and we had uh had lukee come on site spend a week with us super beneficial uh

we decided it was time to dedicate a person to of a full-time role just to to Pro Shop and making sure we uh that

everyone throughout the organization knows how to use everything correctly that’s paying massive dividends and uh

we’re looking forward to a 2023 where we’ve got an incredible amount of work queued up and and and I think if it

wasn’t for Pro Shop helping us manage that keep that organ or I don’t think we’d be able be able to do it so thank

you for sharing that Mitch yeah it’s been wild to watch your journey um growing so fast buying so many machines

at imts it was fun watching your daughter go put the purchase sign on the on the uh that was super heartwarming so

thank you Mitch really appreciate uh you and joining us today happy holiday absolutely absolutely all right Mr

Dwayne uh good morning everybody thank you guys for having me on here thank thank you sir so we’ve had quite the

journey in 2022 there’s been a lot of change within our organization uh really laying the foundation for for years to

come U we’ve had several wins in Pro Shop we’ve had uh struggles as well and

it’s just a massive effort that you you really can’t under uh estimate you know the dedication that you need to put to

it but we’ve got a great team uh with uh Jesus being our uh Pro Shop champion and

he’s just our local help desk and expert and so we’ve really seen a lot of benefits just

from getting all of our information into one place but probably it’s the future WIS that I’m looking forward to the most

because as we’ve grown from starting in my garage and we’ve gone from you know the different milestones and sales

numbers you know the different needs at say a half million to one million to two million and so on in sales we get the

benefit of the journey that you guys have already tried and growing up a machine shop so we see features and

questions being asked inside a pro shop we’re like well what is this why do we need to answer this question and so

we’re really looking forward to as we get the data more and more uh solidified

inside the system the feedback that it gives us um but again we’ve had many wins along the way but I think I as the

owner look forward to the future ones that are coming with great anticipation awesome thank you so much

for sharing that yeah it’s uh it’s an honor to I mean we we feel like we did

okay with proc CNC we made a lot of mistakes but we also learned and it’s great to be able to share those learnings with everyone and have have

have you all benefit so thank you so much for joining us Dwayne no problem all right Jim Carr hello hey everybody

welcome good to see you I’m glad you can see me um I guess I’m next and yes boy

it’s you know Paul you said something at the beginning that I just want to touch on you know you said something about

your journey well quite frankly your journey is our journey because we’re all

on this journey together and we’re all you know engaged with Pro Shop on a

day-to-day thing and um I just see you know I sit back in our we have weekly

quality meetings with our QC lead and when they’re going through the interface

in that quality module I can’t I’m like I can’t believe how advanced and how far

we’ve come in just in just five short years um Ju Just that whole module to me

just blows me away and it’s just it’s it’s just exciting to see our growth and a couple

of great wins we had this year um well we had a we had a fantastic and a successful surveillance audit for one

um it’s we just celebrated our 50th year in business my dad would be so proud on

where we’ve come you know we moved into his new yeah I know it’s it’s nuts uh we

we um moved into our new building which is about three times larger um about a

year and a half ago but that’s helping us uh scale the business up further uh

just I just looked at the numbers in Pro Shop it looks like 2022 is going to be a record year for sure um but most

importantly um what’s coming in 202020 2023 is uh one of our defense

customers came to us about six weeks ago and said you know those 10 parts that

you prototyped and just finished doing your first iteration yeah yeah he goes

well you’re G to be making quite a few chips in the future we’re GNA probably drop a six-year contract on you we did

the initial numbers and in the first two years our sales will triple so uh yeah

crazy craziness uh look so I immediately went out and bought about a million and

a quarter dollars worth of new equipment and we’re just ready we’re ramping up now hiring uh made three offers this

week for for new machinists and um yeah amazing Jim yeah I know it’s it’s I’m

not going to lie I’m I’m a got a little bit of anxiety but um of course I’m

gonna hang tight again thank you for having us along in your journey thank you Paul

same to you good work Jim nice incredible all right I we’re going next

to uh ricarte Precision I think Hernan is with us but I’m not sure if not I am

going to say couple words on his behalf no he’s here we got him he is here okay

awesome uh yeah I don’t know if you can see me guys yes we can okay well thanks

for having me on guys um Jim Dwayne everybody congratulations um and it’s

awesome to be part of an even larger growing winning team um for us uh you

know we we started an implementation of uh of pro shop at the beginning of this

year and so you know we did the heavy lifting at the beginning of the year but the Dividends are paying off without

question um you know with everything involved in you know turning things around with the new a system especially

with brop which means you know revamping processes um and uh and and having

people dedicated to the system you know we’ve been able to significantly improve the traceability of jobs on the floor

without question um you know it’s we’ve improveed the communication on on jobs

uh with the details that we’re allowed to give people access to you know whether it’s links whether it’s pictures

whether it’s video and we’re still learning and still improving but that in itself has improved our uh uh scrap

rates you know have have decreased with that question and our just general quality in general has has has improved

and then one other area that is just like really evident to all of us is the planning and routing of jobs I mean

we’re able to be so much more detailed um and uh you know we have visibility on

everything so you know from my perspective you know what Pro Shop gives us and I’ve mentioned this before is it

helps us drive accountability you know on the floor and and visibility you know

and traceability really so you know we’ve been able to you know reap the benefits of crop you know we’re we’re

just starting but we’ve been able to do it while growing you know just over 24%

um year-over Year from last year so I thank you guys you know and greatly and I thank people like you know Jim Carr

Dwayne all you guys that you know continue to inspire us and you guys have as well awesome hernand thank you so

much appreciate you being part of this um yeah you get you have a beautiful amazing company so proud to be partnered

with you all right thank you so much we’re moving next to Mr Mike from Hill Manufacturing hello Mike howy thank you

everybody for or thank you guys for inviting me I I think for the most part

I go what a lot of people have said at success every every one of those I was sitting here nodding my head going yeah

we’ve done that we’ve done that um you know even you know Tyler talking about the supplier audit you know Paul I

shared with you a couple months ago we had a supplier audit um to go as they

call it do to stock so that we can skip their quality process they came in to do essentially an as audit on us it turned

into a pro shop demo love that he was so impressed with what

we the data we had and and the process we had documented so forth all the way from the quality of the training and so

forth that it really just kind of turned into a a pro shop demo and he honestly

when in our closing meeting he said you know with with your system you have a loan you qualify for this program and

actually he was here today uh we signed the final documents that that make us do

the stock and um excellent and it’s our largest vendor you know I mean they’re

they’re a massive I mean our largest customer they’re they’re massive compy that has been a 46 year client of our

company and and we’re just now bridging that Gap um and it’s frankly it’s

because of Pro Shop I was sharing with actually also you don’t cut yourself short it’s absolutely you uh your team

has to take it so I actually I have the privilege today of actually starting starting my morning on a phone call with

Jim car this morning and I shared with him um you know had it not been so so I

bought I bought hill we closed uh in January 3rd of 2018 so we’re coming up

just on five years and we will close this year at Double the size we were

when we bought it in 18 and it would not have happened unequivocally I mean without

the decision to go to pers thank you Mike the other success I want to share

like from this year or or actually the last couple years but um part of that is you know part of our

growth has been through acquisition Paul you’re well aware we’ve bought four shops we’re getting ready to buy a fifth

um the the ability to onboard them on the p

and and take off that that that that management control and operational

control of of how the shop is run um is seamless I mean we bought a shop we

closed this year we closed on April 2nd and by like the

13th we were fully operational appr and it so it was fully integrated with our

operations we had all their employees trained and running the way we needed to

to support our growth so thank you guys for you know supporting that growth and and we expect to

continue on for the foreseeable future mulations Mike that is just

fantastic good work this is what it’s all about all right Mike thank you so much for sharing I really appreciate

that I already did a sneak peek of who’s up next Justin welcome my friend welcome

thank you guys for having me appreciate it uh course you know one of the trends I’ve heard so far is everybody’s grown

tremendously this year and you know we’re no different I just just ran the numbers and we’ve seen about

35% Topline growth this year um but the area that that Pro Shop has really

helped us with that is uh we we had a lot of turnover this year so I uh I had

turnover in in my entire office staff uh order entry uh estimating quoting uh

programming uh shop forming um as well as quality uh I changed over my quality

management um as well as a a Quality Personnel um so pretty pretty

significant turnover for a small company of our size um but where where Pro Shop

really helped was just having everything in one one spot you know having one

system that handles everything from very early on in the estimate phase to

shipping to Quality I mean everything is inside Pro Shop and it makes it very easy to bring new people on um when they

you know for the third time that I tell them that oh that’s in Pro Shop they finally kind of get it and realize that

okay everything is in Pro Shop um and then it’s just a matter of of teaching them the screens teaching them you know

what pages to look at uh teaching them the dashboards uh the workflow uh and

that’s all very easily done with the training you guys have already done out there um and so it it really um allowed

us to to have that level of growth with the amount of turnover we’ve had this year congratulations Justin yeah you’re

uh you’re a model of the way to run a shop really well I think so

congratulations yeah amazing good stuff and thank you for sharing all right

happy holidays all right couple more here Steve welcome and thank you for joining us morning thank you for having

me um you know listen to everyone’s stories ours is is um pretty similar um

except overall for the system uh what I’ll say we use the system to probably

20% of its ability is I I’m not even sure if I can

quantifi how much that has helped us um in in July we

uh that was a very tough month for us because we went through um 43 fais that

month um and for a lot of the shops on here you guys have a an amazing ability

to put out a lot of parts we’re a little bit slower moving our average Parts about 7 9 in in length um four of those

parts in July were over 32 feet long um and generally what happens in the past

you know some of our inventory moves a little bit slower and those fais would have just completely choked us uh Paul I

know you’ve seen the pictures we literally had rooms for stored documents

and these were not Office Buildings these were 15 foot storage rooms um and

that’s just told our past three years of what we produce out on the floor um we

have less than a box this year obviously because we’ve gone to Pro um so just a

simple feature on the the customer po entry fe uh screen just to flag that

item as a first article and to to run that report right just to see how many npis are you have out there that’s a

very simple feature that most people would probably consider routine that was Monumental for us to see the hurdle that

that we were facing and coming down um to have inventory control the way we have it in terms of issuing everything

to the system um especially with with items with expiration dates um has just

helped us tremendously um so you know 2022

compared to 21 was a little bit of a Down year for us uh Topline wise but you

know we were able to manage that with fewer people we are very short staffed here um we’re in the southeast Dallas

area and for most people who ever been through Dallas you know southeast Dallas is not the not a huge residential area

so um most of our average employee comes from 17 miles away so we we’ve we’ve had

to take on this role of doing more with less um and it didn’t really feel like that because with Pro Shop it just made

everything a whole lot easier having everything in one location in terms of parts in work quarters was just fabulous

for us we went through a review with a major customer customer ours um on a pretty major structural part um that’s

usually a multi multi-day project it’s called a p post award review with Ron um

that lasted about four hours and like several of you have said the rest of it was just a pro shop demo it was just an

absolute fabulous fabulous uh addition for us and um there’s lots we haven’t

even implemented in the system yet that we can’t wait to implement just to see what those changes bring and the the way

it helps us streamy our process here it just we can’t say enough about it so thank you Steve that is so so

amazing perfect good work yeah doing the work that you do at the level you do it is so difficult and we’re excited that

we can help make it even just a little bit easier so thank you so much for joining us we are going to move to next

to a very special person um Mr Rich Olen client number one uh in the history of

Pro Shop so welcome rich thank you for joining us great happy holidays everyone hearing all these stories it’s just so

funny uh um just a similar we we’re an aerospace company and we’ve uh we kept

about 20 years of Records we’ve now been running Pro Shop for 13 years uh Paul came down for a visit and we were

shredding up all these papers and we estimated about five tons of papers uh

got shredded from old documents uh that now you know sit in about three boxes

every year versus you know 50 boxes so it’s just crazy how Pro Shop has uh

shrunk uh our data from that aspect so what you know that creates open space for us uh to be able to grow um that

aside uh this last year uh we just recently um have finished our next four-year contract with Boeing uh

signing that for the long-term deal we are part of their Premier biders uh uh

team and uh we are a two-time winner of the

[Music] Bombardier and uh uh bardier has

thousands of uh um suppliers and um we

are one of eight to have won this award in the production side wow and uh we

have uh secured this two years in a row now and um that’s a big thanks to shop

uh you know our team is a big part of why why it happens of course but uh it happens because we have the ability to

um uh utilize Pro Shop to its uh highest standards and abilities and uh and um we

wouldn’t have ever gotten here without you guys so thank you we’re so pleased and proud of you rich that’s two years

running rich that’s incredible good work awesome thank you for sharing that appreciate you and uh let’s go to our

last but certainly not least Mr James marzili welcome everybody hey how you

doing thanks for joining us um so thanks for having me and um

yeah I got a couple of wins you know my uh first one I wanted to talk about was

uh just the Pro Shop team I I think you know you guys were all going over and I’m like man I don’t want to sound

cliche when I say this but I’m unbelievably grateful for the team that you guys have put together over there

and the impact you guys have had on not just mine but everybody else business um

changed my company 180 degrees and I’ll be forever grateful it’s why I try to give back as often as I can and help out

other companies um you know a big win for me was uh Paul

getting me out of my social media I just want to run my machine shop bubble getting on me on my first big podcast

and that actually gave me what I needed to accept Jim Carr’s invitation to go on his and now we’re starting to step up

our Instagram game and you know get into marketing and things like that cu um we are thanks Jim we are moving uh

we’re going to be expanding we just signed on our new building and we’re uh going to be about six times the size of

what we are now and with lots of land to expand in the future um I would count

the big win for us would be all the networking that being a pro shop member and going to the eida thing and meeting

Jim and Justin and and everybody else um great times at imts I mean those were

not boring shows thanks to every body you know almost everybody on this call you know that was a great time better

than walking the 13 miles a day um another big win that nobody seemed to

mention is I have an unbelievable amount of free time now that I never had before

I took four or five weeks vacation this year I’ve been in business 11 years I took more vacation time in 2022 then the

other nine years combined um and the place made money while I was gone uh

which was kept inspiring more Vacations so um yeah I mean that’s and that’s a big

win is also for me would be I have a lot of potential customers and existing customers of Pro Shop who reach out to

me to ask me you know about our little wins right and

like how little things that we run here and and the changes and so being an inspiration to a lot of other Pro Shop

users is I I really enjoy that and so you know thank you to all of you guys

thank you Jamie um yeah it’s it’s been amazing getting to know you and and

watch you run your business so thank you so much for being a part of our journey and letting us be a part of yours and

thanks for being on today all right we got to keep things moving um Kelsey what do we have to look forward to this year

oh my gosh well there’s a lot to look forward to in 2023 I know there’s uh you

know a lot that has happened um some of which globally maybe hasn’t been as you

know exciting or certainly has been downright uh disappointing but I think in our part of the world and for things

we’ve got going on many of you have probably heard uh a lot about you know where are we in the industry and what’s

manufacturing especially in North America going to do um and who knows but uh but I think there’s a really a lot of

a lot of Tailwinds we’ve got some good advantages moving into 2023 um and I

think that uh the the Crux of it for me sometimes is that fundamentally what all

of you do in producing durable long-term useful Goods is like a core of what I

think is important in the world and if I if I if I boiled it down why am I even

here and what do we have to look forward to in 2023 and 24 and 25 is supporting you in making those

amazing products that really help in the world and um you know there’s lots of other things uh that we all have to look

forward to I’m excited about all the stuff that proops um ex you know committed doing and that we’re moving

forward with for all of you uh but I’d also like to maybe give a minute to Adrien to talk about what uh what you

see for 2023 wow well I um I was a bit feeling a

bit emotional actually as you were talking because one of the things that I keep thinking about on our team is just

how we’ve we’ve added such amazing people to our team and I I love all of

them probably more than I should but I just think about how lucky we are to work with the people that we

work with and how dedicated they are to doing amazing work for all of our

clients and all of our potential clients and so you know for me this really comes back to looking forward to getting even

better and and sharpening our saws so that we’re we’re meeting who you are today but who you also are 5 years from

now uh that’s really important to us and that’s what I’m really excited about doing and getting sharper on so thanks

thank you Adrian appreciate you helping us bring on such amazing people Adrien is very gifted at that if you haven’t

discerned that already all right now it is game time so we are gonna launch a

poll here let me go ahead and launch this right now um so we will give you a couple of

minutes to to answer these questions the person that that has well I imagine

we’re going to have more than one person that has all the answers but uh but our team will decide a winner um and get a

$50 gift card so if you would go ahead and do that and while we are doing that

oh yes so we have a first second and third place um each question is worth one point so go ahead and in the

meantime we are going to watch a fire and tell Christmas jokes

so I know some of you have some queued up all right Zach start us out Z what

you got all right well uh what did the else uh study in

school the alphabet quite terrible but quite

funny uh another another favorite of mine uh why were Santa’s uh Little

Helper sad because they had low elf esteem

oh and there might be some oh sorry go ahead Lacy oh it’s like one of my favorites um what do you call a snowman

that can walk a snowmobile I just did sucker for dad

jokes d i I don’t know if there’s any pet lovers out there but uh who delivers uh

Christmas presents to cats and dogs Santa

Paw oh nice Santa PA You’ think I’d be faster on these you

think that would already some of them seem so obvious once the answer’s

given uh what’s uh Santa’s favorite type of

music rap oh

yes see what you did there R it yeah he’s got to be a pretty good

rapper like seriously Santa Claus just like premium rapper I like it well the

answers are streaming in nice and there’s definitely not 100%

correct answers but uh most of them are it would be boring if it all easy that’s

right I did I did like this one uh what happened to the man who stole an advent

calend he got 25 days

no behind doors is that what that I don’t know are the little doors in

that oh Tyler I wish there were a grown emoji that would be awesome somebody’s

got a somebody’s got one where where can we find a grown emo a gingerbread man went to the

doctors complaining of a sore knee the the doctor asked him have you tried

icing it [Laughter]

why is that one particularly funny that’s terrible oh oh my God and I’m sorry yeah

I was asked to do this part yeah dad jokes do resonate with me I I

am a i a dad so I own them yeah you do gotta love it yeah I think we’re going

to give people a few more a few more seconds here we have about 66% participation that have finished all

eight questions so thank you these I love some of the answers um yeah for those of you

who enjoy the uh the uh fire U log certainly one of the things that uh can

happen to some people and I don’t know definitely sometimes happen to me is that the holiday season gets kind of

zany you know you got relatives and presents and who knows sometimes snow

and wind and compl and sometimes just uh you know taking 30 seconds to stare at

the Flames not you don’t have to do it now but you can uh is is worth it give yourself a break take a deep breath

check out the flames it’s good awesome all right we’re gonna go ahead and end this

here so thank you for all participating um let’s go through the actual answers

what was the name of the machine shop where Pro Shop was built 94% of you

chose correctly it was Pro and see and there is a picture of us looking much much

younger God yeah um 6% of people thought it was Pro Precision or Pro people those

might have been jokes I’m not sure but um good job to 94% of you how was Pro

CNC originally funded only 57% got this correct uh 40 22% said it was car washes

busing and loan from parents but no indeed it was a second mortgage from Kelsey’s older brother Darcy

so internally grateful to him for leveraging his house to help us start our dream and I know many of you have

done similar things so that’s what’s so inspiring about this industry what was

our first CNC machine uh 51% got this correct uh 12 uh

and the others did not so um it was a Hos V 4 but I tell you it was not this

pretty it was a 1997 hosia 4 which was not as fancy is this one but uh we didn’t want to put up

a nasty old picture of a used one which is all we could find online um but it was a hosia 4 and then

we bought a ma a used manual Mill and lathe and 2,000 square feet and had a

few months of rent left over from the mortgage and started knocking on doors as many of you have amazing origin

stories as well all right this one is exciting how many countries does procha

have clients in and only 31% of you guess correctly um but the true answer

is 11 and in fact it will be 12 in just a just a couple of weeks here I know for

sure because we’re adding India onto that list so um the rest get most of you

answered eight which uh was not correct so anyway congratulations to 31% of you

that got that right and then this one was maybe a hard one what are our values

um we got a lot of right answers there was a lot of ones to choose from but uh these are our core values we live by

these every day um and uh and Adrien helps us find people that that continue

to to reinforce how important this is for us and to show up in the world this way so and we want to share those with

you too those values extend right into our interaction with you and how we show

up to to our clients yes what next is

what program did the founders take in college sorry there’s a train going by

um actually only 33% of you got this correct as well most people chose mechanical engineering but indeed it was

the vehicle research institute there’s one of the cars that we built and little known fact uh is that Institute was

started by Kelsey’s Uncle Dr Michael seal who was an incredible man and

changed a lot of lives including ours and and next what type of business

do we get mistaken for the vast majority of you got this correct uh golf shop

often called a pro shop sometimes football as well or Pro Shops and then uh I love this one um 6%

of you probably jokingly thought that my dad was our first customer but no indeed

it was self Marine uh Kudos again to Rich for being that person thank you so

much for your trust all the way back in 2008 um and that is uh that is the poll

so our raffle time is next and do we have a uh oh we can’t export the poll

during the webinar so we will announce it afterwards oh wait no no we can Steve

Jay is the winner so Steve welcome uh

thank you for participating um

yes history awesome J yes all right um

okay that is it thank you and what what time is it 959 can you believe the

timing it’s like we planned it this way on time delivery buddy that’s what we’re working for more on time delivery geez

99% so thank you to the four of you for joining me for this thank you uh all of

you that are on here today um to all of our customers to all of our partners and friends in the industry um just

appreciate you all so much and um yeah happy Holidays happy holidays everyone

happy holid happy holidays we’ll talk to you soon take care take care bye bye bye


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