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– [Instructor] ProShop can help you organize and maintain the quality of your parts and processes at all levels of the company. From the quality manual, and the rest of your quality management system, down to the detailed level of recording inspection points on the factory floor. And ProShop manages the details in between, like making sure your equipment and instruments, are calibrated, traceable and functioning well, so you can focus on the throughput of quality products. Let’s learn a little bit about how ProShop will manage these three areas of your company and how critical it is, that all three of these areas work in concert with each other, because they’re so interrelated. Let’s take a look at some of the quality modules that we find within the quality management system inside a ProShop. For companies who maintain a certification, such as ISO 9,001, the standards module allows you to connect each requirement of the standard, to areas in the QMS where you prove how you meet it. This can include modules such as the quality manual, the quality procedures module, which allows you to document broad business processes. And the task module, which provide detailed and easily revisable work instructions. You can document training for all employees with the training module. The user’s module allows you to record the company positions each employee holds, and provides the latest training results for each position. The company positions module, allows you to document all functions and training requirements for all company positions, as well as which employees hold which roles. All positions and employees are automatically summarized in the org chart which can display training percentages for all employees and positions as well. The RMA module automatically links to all relevant ERP modules for seamless tracking, and allows you to generate NCRs, to document any nonconformances along with cause codes, dispositions, and more. The corrective action module allows you to drive improvements through the whole company with automatic reminders sent for follow-up dates in the messaging system. All of the company’s quality activity can be kept in top form with the audits module, allowing you to document any opportunities or findings along the way. ProShop manages all your inspection needs with functions for first article reports, in-process QC and automating the creation of detailed document packages specifically tailored to each customer’s specific needs. All inspection requirements can be documented in ProShop. First article inspection reports can be performed and recorded with automatic validation of results and NCR generation of out of tolerance conditions. In process, QC can help ensure stable processes and low cost of quality. ProShop generates complete document packages with a click of a button, specifically tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. A complete CMMS system is built right into ProShop to ensure that all your equipment and instruments are always well maintained and calibrated. All instruments engages can be imported into ProShop and set up on custom schedules to be performed by specific employees or company positions. NIST traceable certs can be attached to any item to which ensures compliance to standards. Company equipment can also be tracked in ProShop with unlimited schedules, work instructions, bomb items, historical records, and proactive alerts to help ensure that items don’t go past due. Work orders can be issued for any maintenance needed making sure your schedule stays accurate. Never before has a shop management software have been able to integrate your QMS, inspection, and facilities requirements as tightly and well-integrated as ProShop. If you’d like to learn more about our quality functions as well as all the other ways, ProShop makes it easy to manage your company, please reach out to us, and thanks very much for watching.

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