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– One of the benefits of ProShop for me was peace of mind. Running a job shop they say is one of the hardest jobs in the world. ProShop helped us with that. It streamlined all of our processes.

– The efficiency level of everyday operations is staggering in that we now have the ability to see everything. I can’t describe enough of what it is like to be able to literally see everything from one desktop. It’s a brilliant, brilliant software.

– It’s been impressive at how easy ProShop is for me to look up issues with jobs, to see if we are profitable on a current job, are we bidding it right? So it’s taken it to where anytime I have any questions or any concerns about a job, I can look the entire history up to how much material we purchased to where we went out for outside processing, any accessories, how much tooling do we have to buy for that job?

– The fact that ProShop was designed by people that had owned a job shop and knew what I was dealing with, I could tell immediately that what they were giving us was the perfect ingredients and directions on how to bake a cake. And so all I had to do was just follow those directions, use those ingredients, and I would be successful. That’s exactly what we did.

– Our largest changes was the fact that we realized we had a lot of waste. ProShop instantly showed us that.

– We had a lot of difficulties in maintaining a good schedule that would be accurate so we can forecast on our workload, be positive on when we’re gonna get our items to our customers. And we just constantly were fighting with that and ProShop really gives me a better comfort level in knowing where my schedule’s at, how I’m performing for my customers and what they’re gonna get.

– We get out of it quite often being in the aerospace industry, whether it’s AS9100 or Boeing themselves, the FAA, Gulfstream, and the one thing they always all say is they’ve never seen a more complete robust software in any of the shops that they go in.

– I mean, we’ve had companies like SpaceX come in here and literally tell us that this is the best setup they’ve ever seen. And when we open up ProShop their eyes get wild and they ask us if they can tell their other shops about ProShop.

– ProShop really has nailed it when it comes to what a shop really needs to know, what customers are gonna ask, and it’s just amazing product to have.

– It’s a lot easier as an owner to be able to run a business model that works versus fighting a business model that doesn’t.

– I appreciate how they make my life easier. It’s it’s truly invaluable.

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