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Sealth Aero Marine Video Testimonial

– Our challenges were keeping track of jobs as far as where they were in the production line. When were they going to meet? And then what the end result was is how are we going to make our customers due dates? And quite often those three challenges required a lot of people really working it to try to meet our customer due dates. And quite often we wouldn’t be able to. We’d have daily meetings but it just felt like we were treading in water. Our largest changes was the fact that we realized we had a lot of waste. ProShop instantly showed us that The efficiency level of everyday operations is staggering in that we now have the ability to see everything. I can’t describe enough of what it is like to be able to literally see everything from one desktop. It’s a brilliant, brilliant software. ProShop now basically allows us to see when there is problems with manufacturing, what’s causing that problem. ProShop that’s allowed us to be smarter with doing this. We get out of it quite often being in the aerospace industry whether it’s AS 9100 or Boeing themselves, the FAA, Gulf Streams. The one thing they always all say is they’ve never seen a more complete robust software in any of the shops that they go in. Before ProShop we had about 35 employees and we’re about an $8 million a year company in sales. We’re today about an $18 million company and we are doing that with about 40 employees. My guess is we’d be somewhere up around 50 employees to be able to meet $18 million in sales without ProShop. I think the initial return on investment in the first year, it was probably about 300%. It’s the biggest thing I could, I think is why ProShop is so well built because they do have the manufacturing knowledge they’ve been there. They’ve seen the struggle. I think the fact that all the guys that are developing these have been out on the shop floor is hugely valuable. It’s our backbone. It really is. Without it, days would be long. I think a backbone is a very fitting word for it. And working with them hand in hand for the last six years has been a huge development for our company. They’re awesome. They’re the best. I feel they’re just genuine people and they treat everyone with a real respect and understanding. I appreciate how they make my life easier. It’s truly invaluable.

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