Focused on Machining Testimonial
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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 11-20

Video Transcript

Focused On Machining Testimonial

– So we’re a custom job shop that makes parts for all types of industries, spanning aerospace, medical cannabis, and beverage canning. Before ProShop, we were using eTwo and we decided to look for a new system, as we approached AS standing 100 certification. Before ProShop our scheduling system was really a manual system where we would just stack up travelers in bins or near machines, and machinists would work from that stack. Now that we use ProShop, we have a very detailed and defined schedule per work center.

– When you have paperwork everywhere and you walk in and your desk is filled, you all of a sudden feel like it’s unmanageable and you can’t do your job. Having an ERP system that is paperless and seamless was really important to me as a manager. That everybody could pass off their job to one, to the other and you could not tell the difference between parts.

– The onboarding process with ProShop was fantastic. We did recorded videos so I still go back to them today to review some of the training. Every metrics that we tracked has improved since ProShop. I calculated our overnight shipping and packaging fees before ProShop, and it was three to $500 a month, and now we have overnight shipping maybe once a quarter. By switching to ProShop, our office lead times have been cut by 75%. We really didn’t track NCR before ProShop. Now we’re fully documenting our NCR performance and we’re really making positive changes in the shop due to that information. On-time delivery was no where near it is today and we are well over 95% on time delivery today. The biggest impact we had with uploading our setup instructions to the work order is really increased capacity and throughput. Since implementing ProShop, we are averaging about a 20 to 25% growth in throughput and capacity with the same level of employees. Our customers are seeing that we’re a much higher quality shop than we have been in the past. And we’ve got numerous feedback from numerous different customers that they have never seen a system as robust as ours. My name is Justin and my shop is powered by ProShop.

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