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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 41-60

Video Transcript

so we’ve always been uh on a gas shop

and recently over the past eight years

we kind of diversified into aerospace

and defense so we’re mixed between oil

and gas and aerospace now before pro

shop we were using e2 and really just

wanted more we kind of felt like we

outgrew our whole system and i knew what

the end goal was and i could see just

how much better the shop would perform

using pro

since implementing pro shop we’ve grown

tremendously in the past three years

we’ve probably purchased four or five

different cnc machines our profitability

has increased and we’ve been a lot more

competitive in the market

for me it’s always been the quality

module that just kind of blew me away

just how the modules so interconnected

with the shop that’s probably the part

that has blown me away the most was pro

shop i guess our quality manager saved

about two hours a day not having to do a

contract review with the old system

switching over

so pro shop being all digital makes

everything so much more organized and so

much easier to keep track of things and

you’re not running through 30 pages of

stuff trying to find what you need and

it’s just a lot quicker to use because

everything you need is right in front of

you when we start talking about

everything else and just individual

responsibilities some of their stuff has

been cut down 30 40

it’s crazy to believe but the deeper we

dive into areas we see how it’s just so

much more efficient

i could never see going back even though

i never wanted to change i wish we would

have changed sooner because it really

was a game changer for us pro shop has

helped a lot of us on time delivery and

scheduling you know we switched over to

pro shop we’ve improved the only time

delivery about 20 to 30 percent pro shop

has helped increase our duplicate by

about 20 25

i love pro shop i love everything about

it i love that the customer support is

great the fact that they keep adding new

features and keep building upon the

software that we’re building i feel like

we’re building together as a machinist i

do love using pro shop it’s been a game

changer for sure with all the

organizations that bring to the team pro

shop has changed the way we do business

here exchanges for the better and the

more we implement the procedures and

processes that are available and the

more we use different processes the

better company from we wouldn’t be

partners with anyone else but proof shop

pro shop has been one of the best

business decisions we have ever made it

is coastal machine now my name is cody

guidry the shop is powered by pro shop


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