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Video Transcript

my name is phil spivey and i’m the

president of azmf precision cnc services

in tempe arizona

we’re a general job shop we do defence

and aerospace medical semiconductors

some automotive and then just general

work in the industry

so the nice thing about proshop for us

is that everything ties together at a

level that i haven’t seen in other

systems we have full tracking and

capability of seeing what we’ve done and

how we’ve done it and that really has

made a huge difference we were able to

quote three times as much work through

the estimating the quoting process on

proshop than we could do the old way we

were doing it from a streamlining point

of view the system’s really enabled us

to be able to see where everything is in

process and be able to make sure that

nothing’s forming through the gaps one

of the problems in the spreadsheet world

was things fell through the gaps we

didn’t order a particular piece of

material we had everything else now

we’re delayed that doesn’t happen with

pro shop now from anywhere in the world

i can get into the system and see

exactly what’s going on the feedback we

got from other users but all been very

very positive

the reduction in paper has made things

so much easier on everyone we’ve

actually helped everyone spend way less

time looking for things than they used

to do and now we can actually do more


for me it’s created a lot more time to

do added value things versus non-added

value chasing spreadsheets and scraps of

paper is definitely not added value

the major metric that we track in

addition to all the normal ones that

we’ve seen major improvement in has been

profitability so overall pro shop has

helped us with our on-time delivery


so our iso 9000 auditor was blown away

by the pro-shop system she hadn’t seen

in 25 years of her experience according

to her a system that tied together so

well pro shop enables us to show our

customers how we’re organized and how we

can deliver the quality products that

are going to meet their space

so we’ve started showing customers a

look behind the scenes in terms of what

we do and how we do it and that’s

definitely helped us win some business

with some new customers who didn’t know

us proshop has really enabled us to

focus on the future the feature that we

can’t live without anymore is a thing

called pro shop pro shop is the backbone

of our business i wouldn’t want to

imagine life without it.

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