Use Your Machine Shop Management System as a Sales Tool

April 5, 2021

Author: Paul Van Metre

When I started writing this blog post, it seemed oddly familiar to me, and I had a feeling I had written something similar before. So I went searching in my Google Docs, and sure enough, I had written a blog post on this exact topic for Production Machining Magazine not more than 6 months ago, with a focus on how Covid has forced many shops to look for new clients. Besides needing to visit the doctor to get my memory checked, I thought I’d just link to that article and update this blog with a bit more client feedback I’ve received in the past 6 months.

The premise is that shops can’t just promise great quality and delivery. They need to prove they have the processes and systems to guarantee they will execute. This will open doors to more discerning clients. Through discussions with clients over the past few months, this theme has proven itself to be true. Here are just a few examples of things that clients have told us about their usage of ProShop as a sales tool:

“Just last week we were able to get on the approved vendor list for a new customer, which is very promising. It’s a globally recognized brand, and we can compete now on larger volumes than we are used to seeing, and that’s something we want to do more of. We wouldn’t have been able to get on that approved vendor list if it wasn’t for proving that we could meet their quality requirements, and once we showed them once what the inspection reports and dim-tagging and quality capabilities were in ProShop. Once we showed them what that output looks like, they said, “Perfect, this lines up exactly with what we need. So here’s a bunch of drawings to quote.” And that was huge! I was so excited. I’m not trying to sound like such a ProShop fanboy, but the reality is without having ProShop we wouldn’t have been able to do that. So we’re very excited at the doors that are opening as a result of having this system in place, and how that enhances our reputation, our manufacturing prowess, if you will, to be able to compete for jobs we traditionally haven’t been able to…It almost felt too easy.”Dave, G&S Tool

“Our new sales rep is blown away by its capabilities, and he’s bragging about it every time he makes a call. I am setting him up with the proper equipment to do a short demo of its capabilities when he’s out and about. One client that followed him to Kajan is interested in ProShop for his own business.”Kurt, Kajan Mfg.

“ProShop has been a cornerstone sales tool for us since we got it. We’ve had customers like SpaceX come in here and literally tell us that this is the best system they’ve ever seen, and when we open up ProShop, their eyes get wild…We had one of the toughest customers we do work for, tell us that ProShop was sexy! We thought that was one of the best compliments you could get.”Matt, 3D Industries

Lastly, here is an article that was written in Modern Machine Shop Magazine about a client of ours who saved a very large client and grew their business with them based on their use of ProShop and having it feature prominently in a vendor audit. It’s a hard-hitting, real-world example of the stakes that shops deal with every day.

Want to read more examples? Click here

Can ProShop Help?

While we’d love to talk with you about adopting ProShop in your company, these principles are universal and you can build robust business processes yourself starting tomorrow. Possibly with your current ERP, connected digital travelers using something like Google Sheets or Office 365, or some other creative use of the tools at your disposal. The main takeaway is that in order to stand out from the competition and grow your business, you must overcome the skepticism of your potential clients by proving to them proof that you’ll deliver as promised.

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