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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 1-10

Video Transcript

– We have parts that range from aerospace and medical. High complexity five-axis work as well as anything that needs support with EDM. We tackle everything from one and two piece orders of ultra complex stuff to 1000, 4000,10000 piece orders. And we do it all in ProShop and we have all the tools to tackle any of those in any way that we decide are fit.

– We used E2 manufacturing system for about 15 years before we found ProShop. All of the ERP softwares were basically built on the same platform and every one of them had scheduling problems they weren’t necessarily designed for ultra precision multi-process machining. So when I heard of ProShop, I was a little reluctant to get excited because I had looked at every other ERP software out there on the market and was disappointed. But then when we started digging and the more we dug, we just found gold.

– In the past, I’ve been through usage and in some cases, implementations of JobBOSS, Plex, E2, Epicor and Global Shop

– All the other systems are built to be solutions for everybody, and that bystander turns out almost always not to be a solution for me, because especially here in 3D we’re not everybody, you know, we do unique projects and we take on challenges that other people are afraid of and requirements that are above the norm, and the other systems don’t have the tools or resources to be able to find or follow the needs that we have.

– Before ProShop we’re was just using file folders, and it was a mess and no one was doing it the same way. So you could find the data, but it would be cumbersome. You would be able to just click on it and it wasn’t on a screen, and it wasn’t a proven process. What ProShop gave us was just a blueprint for approval process, all we had to do is just follow the directions.

– All of our aerospace clients who’ve seen ProShop absolutely love our ability to handle every aspect of their business that differentiates them from their competitors and their specific needs. And we’ve gotten thumbs up in eight bosses from all of our customers, who’ve come to see that, especially the quality aspect.

– I mean, we’ve had companies come in here and literally tell us that this is the best setup they’ve ever seen. And when we opened up ProShop, their eyes get wild but then they ask us if they can tell their other shops about ProShop. One of the benefits of ProShop for me was peace of mind. The running a job shop, they say is one of the hardest jobs in the world. ProShop help us with that, it streamlined all of our processes. It’s still a job shop, but it’s a lot easier as an owner to be able to run a business model that works versus fighting a businessman.

– So out of the box ProShop is ready to go. You just gotta learn the rules that are already there and you’re making parts. So the setup time, the implementation time is significantly reduced because all the parts are already there, you don’t even have to put them together. It’s a machine, you just learn how to turn it on and start cranking.

– And we do a lot of real complex, multi-process aerospace parts. And so our customers that come in here are relieved and they say, “Oh, our our parts are safe here.” And then as we start to give them data and feedback, right from ProShop, they can call us up, and, “Where’s my part at?” And we could tell them exactly where it’s at.

– We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers based on our improvements and things like on-time delivery, as well as quality delivery. We run a quality centered business and ProShop keeps quality at the heart of what it does, and our customers are thrilled for it. We’ve actually gotten more work from more of our customers because we’ve been able to improve quality and delivery simultaneously.

– I would say that my business is more valuable to me now than it ever was, because it’s what I’ve always wanted, since I started a job shop, is to have a place that my employees can come in and the organizing, and love what they do. Without a system like ProShop, I don’t know how we would still survive.

– Pretty every aspect of our business has improved since we started using ProShop. Our employees have the ability to take real ownership of what they do now and when they’re getting their job done the business does better. There really is nothing we can’t handle and ProShop, and I don’t see a shop out there that couldn’t make the full use of the tools that they have in ProShop.

– Our overall improvement in efficiency was probably 25% across the board. I don’t know how I would run a job shop now without accurate data. My name is Matt Gawlik and my shop is powered by ProShop.

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