Roush Yates Testimonial
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Switched From: Sage EM
Business Size: 101-250

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proshop is a digital manufacturing

ecosystem and it’s designed to take

everything that a machine shop or a

contract manufacturer needs

and get it into a paperless web-based

environment so everything can be as

smooth as efficient as possible

here at roush ace manufacturing

solutions we’ve machined precision

five-axis components for the aerospace

medical and industrial applications

when we were looking for software we

wanted to find somebody or a company

that had a lot of great experience and

that is the pro shop story from

motorsports to actually owning and

running a manufacturing company to even

develop into software to allow cnc

manufacturing companies such as route

sheets manufacturing solutions to grow

it was an incredible privilege for us

having some roots in racing ourselves to

get involved with it with it with an

organization as professional at the

world class level as rausch yates we had

a lot of our quality system we’re on

spreadsheets our non-conformances

corrective actions uh our machines our

maintenance and once we put in pro shop

we eliminated oh probably three quarters

of the spreadsheets we were using

a company like roush yates that has

really stringent demands from customers

through suppliers and everything in

between uses proshop to

manage the entire process from getting

new work in the door through all the

quality processes scheduling cutting

tool management shop floor processes

quality inspection

all the way out through shipping out the

door whenever we have our customers in

the first thing we show them is our

paperless system and pro shop

especially the in-process inspection

because in the end that really means

quality of the part it shows our

customers that we’re really on the

leading edge of technology we’re graded

every saturday and sunday and we have to

make quick adjustments so we’re always

looking for strategic partners that can

really push us to be better but in

return we also give them great feedback

and i think it’s been a really great

collaboration you know they push us we

push them their need for excellence has

only made our company improve without

all the advantages of the software

we would not be in a position to have

had this excellent growth we’ve had over

the last three years



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