Three Sigma Testimonial
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Switched From: Fusion
Business Size: 21-40

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Three Sigma Manufacturing Inc. Testimonial

– Most of our parts go into commercial airplanes. we also manufacture precision parts for the firearms industry. Prior to ProShop, we were using a system originally called SCS, and then later Fusion, and used that system for about 25 years. What’s important is is not only how good your system is, but what’s really crucial is how efficient you are with your system. And although our previous system would not have been regarded as all that capable by today’s standards, it’s something we’d grown to be pretty efficient with. But when I looked at ProShop, it was pretty clear that there are numbers of features that could dramatically increase our efficiency and set us up for a pretty substantial leap forward.

– One of the nice things is that, with our old system, you know we weren’t able to see, literally where jobs, were out on the fly. With ProShop we are able to see, exactly where a job is, at that time and at that moment. We know exactly where it’s at, who is working in it. And you can see if it’s in production, and all of this information, is available literally in seconds.

– ProShop makes it really easy to attach material certifications and outside processing certifications and link them to the work orders that they’re associated with. Makes it really easy for customer service personnel to provide our customers with a proper documentation on our parts.

– One of the single biggest factors in the success of our business is the rate at which our business community learns. We are trying to accelerate that. ProShop has a number of features in it, which allow for the inexpensive and comprehensive archival of critical information. And then the efficient sharing of that with the relevant partners, and that is essential, to a community learning.

– I really like the machination system, especially for a guy like me that works nights, and I want to communicate with morning, first thing a lot, and for me to leave notes on their desk, maybe they get moved, thrown away on accident, but I know that message is going to be there for the guys in the morning, and communication across the whole shop, if I want to tell everybody in the shop something, I can send a shop wide message and everybody’s gonna see it.

– It’s just a lot of head room in this software, and as I use it more you know I just try to figure out ways to click the button one last time. You know in trying to find the most efficient path, but the thing this is that there’s so many different paths to getting the information that you want.

– What we have is a system that broadly addresses the needs in a machine shop, a system that addresses the minute by minute and day to day goings on in a machine shop and how that can be done very efficiently. My name is Ken and Three Sigma is powered by ProShop

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