East Branch Testimonial
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Business Size: 11-20

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ProShop ERP East Branch Testimonial

– My name is Brandon de Silva. I’m a CNC machinist here at East branch engineering. ProShop made my job easier by being efficient, super intuitive to use, very straightforward. I enjoy the organization of it, again, the efficiency of how it works. Being able to keep track of everything, the traceability. The tools that proshop offers is, like I said, very intuitive, keeps you organized a lot better than I guess you would without it, that’s for sure. Everything’s very user friendly, you’re able to access a lot of the informational points or sections, I guess, just to keep track of your own, you know, productivity, the quantity of parts, tooling, revisions of blueprints, a lot of different options for, I guess, keeping yourself organized, especially with ProShop. Not having to rely on a paper system is much better. Yeah, during the actual interview process, we had, we sat down and we were going over how ProShop functions and all the available options that you can use with it for tracking traceability, efficiency. And that was actually one of the large reasons I decided to work for East branch engineering was their usage of ProShop. And just the way you can organize with the system. First time I cut metal, I was 14 years old in high school. So about 24 years now, I’ve worked in about 10 shops previously. No, I this is the first shop I’ve worked at in a paperless environment. No, I never wanna go back to paper. Once you once you use ProShop, I almost want it to kinda organize my life honestly. It’s very intuitive system. If you’re already used to working in a production environment, and you’re keeping track of your parts and you know, jobs already, then it you should be able to basically drop right into ProShop and, you know, set sales and go. If I was speaking to a machinist that was nervous about starting the usage of ProShop, who was already used to a paper environment, I would say not to worry at all. It’s extremely intuitive, very easy to use. The way ProShop works seems to be much more proactive than reactive, in my experience so far, you’re able to look ahead plan ahead, record said items or details. I think it’s just a better organizational system altogether than trying to do folders or file cabinets, it just gets much too cluttered. Especially with revision changes. And you know, especially nowadays everything is on the fly. So it’s good to be able to be up to speed, I suppose. ProShop comparatively is much easier to use much more user friendly. Just I believe it’s more intuitive of a system just the way it’s organized. I could tell ProShop was built by people who like to be organized. I do, I thoroughly enjoy using ProShop. Again, just the way it’s organized the intuitiveness of it the ease of access to different modules. We have a saying around here trusting the system. And we definitely trust in the system seems to be working excellently thus far. No, I actually I do love it. Like I said, if I could have it for my life to organize, you know your normal day to day operations, I definitely would use it. So yeah, you could say I love using ProShop

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