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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 11-20

Video Transcript

– East Branch specializes in short run production of complex milled and turned parts. We’re known throughout the area as the problem solvers. So oftentimes a company has difficulty producing a part, they’ll come to us and we generally find a cost-effective way to produce that part. So years ago, we used to run JobBoss and then we switched to E2, shortly thereafter, and E2 was working for a while. But as the company grew, we found ourselves spending more time managing the system than managing our business. It wasn’t uncommon with the old system to chase down paperwork. You know, where’s the traveler was the common question. And as soon as we turned ProShop on, being able to view all the information all in one spot and manage updates to the information was enormously helpful. So, we can generate a work order and actually start producing parts two to three weeks sooner than with our old system. In our old system, when a work order was generated, it would often sit on a desk and wait for someone to work on it. With ProShop, when a work order is generated, notifications are pushed out to whoever needs to work on it. Because notifications are sent out, work can start on a work order much sooner than previously.

– ProShop’s made my job easier by being efficient. I enjoy the organization of it, being able to keep track of everything, the traceability. That was actually one of the large reasons why I decided to work for East Branch Engineering, was their usage of ProShop and just the way you can organize with the system.

– The fact that we can record everything, that we can itemize everything and make every single, tiny or super critical detail repeatable and available, every time we need to access it in the future is the absolute greatest strength. So whether you’re doing something in a week or five years down the road, you’re not losing any time, regardless of how many times you do the same project.

– With ProShop, we’ve been able to increase our on-time delivery for production orders to 99%. We’ve been able to increase our throughput by about 25% without adding additional employees or machinery. We had a dedicated purchase person but after running with ProShop, we found that we didn’t need someone dedicated solely to buying material. We were actually able to eliminate the position completely and still managed to reduce the lead time to our customers.

– If I was speaking to a machinist that was nervous about starting the usage of ProShop, who’s already used to a paper environment, I would say, not to worry at all. It’s extremely intuitive, very easy to use. We have a saying around here, trust in the system and we definitely trust in the system, seems to be working excellently thus far.

– I absolutely love using ProShop. I think every shop that does anything that they wanna be good at should be using ProShop. It’s absolutely fantastic. It makes me better at my job just having it available.

– ProShop is absolutely a game changer. ProShop makes my life a lot easier. It makes coming to work a lot easier. I love ProShop. I love the team at ProShop and I couldn’t see it any other way.

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