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– We make custom parts for various industries from medical, aerospace, agriculture, and a lot of OEM suppliers here in British Columbia. So we do turning, turning with live tooling, and then five-axis multi-access machines. We tried being a manufacturing partner for all our customers. So anything that we can do to make their lives easier, that’s what we do. We were using a paper-based system for a very long time. And we needed a change, we needed to go to the next level. And there’s only so much you can do with a paper-based system

– Using the paper system it’s having people working in different shifts, making sure they all do the same job properly was a kind of nightmare for me. This ProShop in place, it changed the game completely. For compliance purposes, material traceability information, everything is right there. So it works pretty well. It saves a lot of time.

– I had a first experience in the ERP, it was a really bad experience. If it’s a paperwork, then we have to go to the files and looking into that, lot of waste. Now it’s just two, three clicks, it’s gonna come out. That is a fantastic thing.

– I’m a big believer that people don’t fail, systems fail. So when we have things such as paper being filed, you have legibility issues, tracking issues, and taking care of paper is always a tough gig.

– With ProShop everything’s right at your fingertips, where previously you need to know where a part was at, you had to more often than not, speak to someone physically. Now I just go to the computer, there it is, right for your eyes. Pictures instructions, ready to go.

– So we have a new operator that comes in your job. There’s a list of tasks and list of training. They can go and three through all those steps procedures or watch the video. So I help them to perform their job better.

– Personally, for me, I would say that time tracking is the most perfect feature in ProShop. Because I can see where exactly my time goes, which is awesome.

– It’s easy to make bots, it’s easy to make work orders. So ProShop has helped me so much with crossing all of these things. So that’s very helpful. The main thing is everyone’s on the same page. Everyone knows what their roles are. Everyone knows what their responsibilities are. They’re really happy and happy employers, you know, makes a big difference when your team’s happy, you’re happy.

– I definitely believe that this is our advantage. Having ProShop as the quality tool. To be honest, we have customers who already ask us, “What kind of software do you use?”

– To be honest, I just liked the fact that it was made by machinist as a fellow machinist myself. It wasn’t just, you know, a bunch of accountants putting together a software. It was actually thought through for machinists by machinist. My name is Vivek Lekhi, and our shop is powered by ProShop.

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