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Switched From: E2
Business Size: 11-20

Video Transcript

– [Jason] We specialize in rapid prototyping with fast turnaround time and really complex geometries. After countless hours of research, I bought E2 shop tech and we had so many limitations with them that it just finally made sense to start looking again. We wanted to find a different solution. We considered several different options and after countless hours again, we decided to give ProShop.

– ProShop allows me to do so much more than I would be able to with lesser systems or simple spreadsheets or simple accounting software. It gives me more time to focus on growth of the company, as well.

– [Jason] Now, our volume increased from the first quarter to the third quarter, about 12% and our on-time percent actually went up to about 94%. So we made more parts and we shipped more parts on time. And that was hard to do. And we’re finally hitting the mark.

– Loss job travelers are definitely a thing. And with ProShop and their ability to log right into their work order and see that it’s uploaded on there and pull it up. It eliminates that issue.

– Once you go into the job, you’re right there. There’s no chance of making a mistake. Everything is all on one page. You know, I could go in there and I can see exactly where we’re at with the job, what material I’m using, how big it is. And most of this stuff is all on one page. That’s what’s really nice about it.

– So at our current license level with ProShop, our number of staff that we use, we’re about $2,200 every quarter in license fees And just an expedite fees alone, we’ve saved over $3,500. So the return on investments, definitely there.

– [Jason] Personally, I have less responsibility. I don’t have to chase jobs around and see where they’re at. I don’t know everything that’s going on in my shop anymore and I don’t have to. And that’s comforting.

– [Steven] I could spend more time getting my programming done, than less time trying to find scanners and looking for everything.

– I absolutely love ProShop. My days are packed as it is. And without ProShop, there would not be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

– [Steven] This is a great piece of software that can run an entire shop.

– [Jason] I do love ProShop. I mean, if you’re going to love a software ProShop’s going to be it for me. My name is Jason and Pioneer Cuts is powered by ProShop.

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