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– Hey everybody, this is Paul with ProShop. Today I’m gonna tell you about how a production employee is gonna finish out their shift in ProShop. So I’m on a work board right now. I’m making parts, I have my run description up this is my work instructions for what I’m when I’m running parts. I also have my in-process inspection form up. So you can see the most recent results of the parts I’ve just been inspecting. They’re all good thankfully everything’s green. So I’m going to start by logging my time off the job. So I come right up to my name, click log out. You can see how long I’ve been running this job. I’ve been running it for about two hours. You can see that the previous quantity of parts is 13. I’ve I’ve just made two parts in the last hour cause these are kind of long cycle time so I’ve kind of put in 15 parts here. If I wanted to put in any notes of what’s happening, I could, I’m not gonna do it cause since things are going fine and we often put notes in here if there’s problems that we want to document for later. So I’m going to click go I’m now time tracked off the job. He tracked all my labor and that when I updated that 15 it also updated the schedule and it updated the quantity on the work order. Next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna leave my instructions for my next shift. So I’m gonna come right up to the work order go to the operation I’m working on and choose Set shift Tie-in. What pops up here is the last tie-in the notes at least from the last tie-in from when I came onto my shift it auto fills my name, the time the machine, the operation number, the job number, the part number I’m gonna to choose the status so I’m running well, this is what’s left. I’m just going to update this saves 15 parts now. Tool 5 may need changing soon. I’m gonna leave that so when my coworker comes onto the next shift this is what they’re going to see when they when they pop up, when they log into ProShop. So I’m just click save here. That’s no left that shift time for them. And then I’m just going to then time clock out. So I’m going to clock out for the job and then I’m going to close out and go home. So when I, when my, when my coworker next comes in, and let’s say I’m the next person log in here. You can see that the first thing they see is this shift tie-in so they can see what’s going on. What I said, they can just click right onto the work order and they can go from there. So hopefully that was useful if this looks interesting give us a call.

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